Welcome to Octopusstudios. As this would be your first visit to our site, here is an index of all the sections which may help you refer to the relevant section.

1) Aquariums and Tanks

Here we discuss thoroughly about the different types of tanks available. We research for information on many available options and then compile a guide on the same. You can find guides on the best fish tanks which is again further divided based on the type of fish.

For example: Best tanks for Betta

The products we mention have been vetted thoroughly either by personal use or collecting feedback from existing users. We also check for the online sentiment about the products by reading the product page. All this information is then backed into a buyers guide and presented to you. In the end, you make a choice and purchase the one you feel is the best.

2) Aquarium Equipments

Having a nice home for your fish is just the first step, you have to make sure they have the right ambiance. In order to provide the best ambiance, you will need a few extra pieces of equipment along with the fish tanks. In this section we cover some of the important equipments like aquarium filters, thermometers, air pumps etc.

With these two sections, we have you covered with everything you need to know before getting the lovely fishes home.