Best Aquarium Wave Makers 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hydor Koralia 2. Jebao RW Series 3. Hydor Koralia


If you have just purchased an aquarium for the first time, then you would also be aware that it requires so many accessories and equipment like the best aquarium wavemakers. Others can range from LED lights to artificial grass, you will need to invest money in most accessories that are recommended.

A standout, yet often neglected accessory is the wave-maker. Well, many people often tend to neglect the importance of the wavemaker. The function of a wavemaker is clear from its name – it produces waves in the aquarium. But why is it so vital for your fish tank? We will discuss all that in this article.


Also, to help you choose the best aquarium wavemaker, we are going to review 15 of the best for you.

What Are The Best Aquarium Wave Makers?

Wave Makers are quite similar to water surge gadgets that help to produce waves which we usually see in the seas and the oceans. Wavemakers stimulate the water and then circulate it throughout the tank to produce oxygen for the fish and other marine creatures present inside.

They are more important than you can imagine because the lack of water circulation can lead to the formation of poisonous substances in the tank. This can directly affect the ecosystem in the aquarium. Wavemakers circulate and deliver food to the corals, which cannot look for their own food.

Wavemakers also help to retain and improve oxygen levels in the aquarium. This helps marine organisms lead a more healthy life inside the tank. So, you can probably understand why wavemakers are important for an aquarium.

How To Choose The Best Aquarium WaveMaker?

Since there are so many options available to buy a wavemaker, consider following these so that you can get a hold of the best aquarium wave maker in 2022.

1) Price

The price of the wavemaker is always an important factor to consider. Even though not everyone can afford the most expensive gadgets, there are still really good products at affordable prices. You need to keep an eye out for them. Make sure to check that the wavemaker is coming with all the necessary features.

2) Ease of installation

Avoid purchasing a unit that is hard to install and can be a real headache to set up. It will be much more convenient and easier to purchase a wave maker that can be set with convenience.

3) Durability

It is always a good choice to buy gadgets that are durable and can last for a long time, even if it costs a few dollars more. It will save you the hassle of investing a lot of money frequently on different gadgets over time.

4) Safety

You cannot take any risk with electronic gadgets. Since wavemakers will need to be plugged into an electric output and that too near water, safety certifications are a must. Make sure to check your wavemaker is certified by a reputed agency as safe to use.

5) Customer support

After-sales service is vital for any product. In case your wave maker tends to malfunction and that too under a warranty period, you will need to contact customer support. Purchase products from brands who have better after-sales support to get the item fixed without facing too many hassles.

So here are a few important factors that you will need to keep in mind if you want to get your hands on the best aquarium wavemaker. Now we will take a look at the most awaited part of our article and that is the review section. Stay tuned!

We have discussed a lot of important factors regarding wave-makers and now we are going to review the top 15 best aquarium wavemakers that we think will be of great value for you.

Top 15 Best Aquarium Wavemakers 2022

1. Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump

Hydor Koralia Best Aquarium Wave MakersAvailable within a price of $30, the Hydor Koralia Nano Aquarium Circulation Pump is easily one of the best wavemakers right now.

It is compact in size and saves a lot of energy without affecting the overall power of the wavemaker. It is absolutely ideal to create a natural environment inside your fish tank.

It helps produce the exact same water motion in the aquarium. The constant flow of water ensures that it is able to retain its level of oxygen at the highest levels.

This will keep your fish and coral much healthy and without any risk of getting affected by dead spots. The pump is integrated with patented magnet-suction cup, which offers better stability and positioning.

The Hydor Koralia can also be set to intervals of seconds, minutes or even hours. The pump circulates fresh water throughout your tank with 425 GPH power. It’s automatic timer is a fantastic feature, because it helps to set the rate at which waves will be produced automatically.

The wavemaker is light in noise when it is functional and hence doesn’t disturb. The build quality of the wavemaker is really good, with a premium feel and this is a testament that the product is going to last for a long time. The powerful circulation in the fish tank helps to remove dead spots and distributes fresh water whenever you switch the machine on.

The reasonable price of the wavemaker makes it a favorite choice for many people, especially those who have a small to medium-sized aquarium. The Hydor Koralia is one of the best aquarium wave maker our there.


2. Jebao RW Series Wavemaker

Jebao RW Series WavemakerThe Jebao RW Series Wavemaker is one of the best aquarium wave makers we have seen in recent times. The most interesting feature of this product is its wireless connectivity. We were surprised to see that it has 8 different flow rates, which you can charge effortlessly.

Another interesting feature of the wavemaker is that it works in a Super Silent mode, hence you will not be bothered by any sound from the pump. The wavemaker has a magnetic bracket night sensor which can detect automatically when the lights inside the aquarium go out and quickly slows the pump.

When you are feeding the fish in the aquarium, by clicking on the Feed Mode, the pump slows down for 10 minutes so that you can easily distribute the food. The high performance of the pump allows the entire water in the fish tank to circulate easily, removing any dead spots and allows the food to reach the corals in your aquarium.

Low energy consumption does offer better savings. The ceramic shaft of the wavemaker ensures longer life and better durability. If you want to generate different wave patterns in your aquarium, then the Intelligent Control System will help you do so.

Place and install your wave maker in whichever position you want to with the help of an extra-long cable. The magnetic base gives better strength and positioning stability in the aquarium. Priced at around $50, the Jebao RW Series Wavemaker is a catch to have.


3. Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation Pump

Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation PumpHydor is undoubtedly, one of the best manufacturers for wave makers.. In case you have a large aquarium, then you will need quite a large pump to distribute the water evenly to every corner of the tank.

The Hydor Koralia Evolution Aquarium Circulation Pump does exactly that. It has been integrated with automatic timers that change the intensity of the waves at different times of day.

The new wavemaker system produces different kinds of waves that will suit your fish in your aquarium. A magnetic suction pump has been integrated so that you can mount the wave maker into the aquarium without much hassle.

It also allows free positioning of the gadget, depending on the size of your aquarium.

In spite of the high flow rate of the pump, it consumes less energy when compared to other Koralia wavemakers. The compact size and lightweight design allows you to carry the gadget if you ever need to. The build quality is decent and has a hefty feel to the entire design.

Even though it is not made of titanium, the material will surely stay intact for at least 2-3 years easily. The product is verified safe from any kind of water damage and you can easily use it in front of the aquarium without any worries of electrical damage.

Hydor has 2 years of manufacturer warranty with an excellent after-sales support. So you can easily get your product fixed if you ever face any problems within this time. The affordable price tag of around $40 makes it really budget-friendly for your pocket.


4. Hygger Submersible Aquarium Powerhead

Hygger Submersible Aquarium PowerheadOut of all the wavemakers that we have reviewed till now in this article, the Hygger Submersible Aquarium Powerhead really impressed us. Not only does it come with a pack full of features, but it is also in a very affordable price range. The pump can easily generate enough power to stimulate natural currents.

The power facilitates quick distribution of freshwater to the corners. It creates an underwater environment in which the fish and other marine life will flourish. The food you put inside the tank needs to be shuffled, so that the corals can consume them.

When you turn this wavemaker on, it helps to increase the level of oxygen content in the water. So, if you want to add more fish to the tank, then you can easily do so. From now, easily stir up the debris and keep the water clean without a single dead sport in the fish tank.

The impressive flow rate of the water offers 16W of voltage along with 2000GPH of power that is enough power for a 75-130 gallon aquarium. You can easily use this wavemaker in any kind of aquarium – marine, fresh-water and tropical.

The Hygger Aquarium Powerhead ensures you get an equal amount of flow in all directions with the help of 360-degree rotating head. Another reason why this can be the best aquarium wavemaker is that the machine is made of anti-corrosive titanium that does not rust – even in contact with water.

The use of titanium for the body makes it possible for the device to serve you for a longer time. If you want a durable and reliable wave maker for your aquarium, then check this one out. In spite of the price tag of only around $35, the Hygger Submersible aquarium wave maker provides true value for money service to you.


5. Jebao DCP Sine Wave Water Return Pump

Jebao DCP Sine Wave Water Return PumpThe Jebao DCP Sine wavemaker provides you with enhanced performance and long term durability without any hassles. We loved the excellent build quality of the gadget and we have seen such premium construction in very few wavemakers.

The pump provides the user with a more precise and fluid control through the aquarium’s reactors, sump, or closed-loop system.

With the help of the dip controller, you can effortlessly control the =the power intensity of the flow. Don’t worry about fully submerging the wave motor inside the water, because it comes with a 100% oil-free component.

Thus, it will keep the water free from any pollution. Whenever you will be feeding the fish, just turn the Feeding Mode on and the machine will stop for 10 minutes so that the food settles quickly. Jebao has made sure that the gadget remains safe all the time by not adding any copper components to it.

Super Quiet Operation ensures that the gadget functions without making too much noise.. Due to the use of a wear-resistant ceramic shaft, the operation life of the wavemaker is extended by significant margins.

The improved duct model pumps more power into the aquarium. New innovations and high-performance motor of the wavemaker leads to at least 50% energy savings when compared to the previous models.

Priced much higher than most other wave makers in the market, this one is available for around $100. For those of you who want to get better build quality and high performance, this is their best bet. If you ask us, then it is surely one of the best aquarium wave maker we have seen so far.


6. Hydor Smart Wave Circulation Pump

Hydor Smart Wave Circulation PumpWith another Hydor product in this list, the brand has surely made a name for itself in the market. The Hydor Smart Wave Circulation Pump Controller provides multi-directional turbulence that helps to circulate the water throughout the entire tank. The fishes and other marine organisms thrive well because dead spots get eliminated.

The wavemaker exerts a good amount of power into the tank, which facilitates movement in the tank, so all the corals are inverted clean and remain free from all kinds of sediments. The machine has been integrated with a ball joint that encourages 360° full rotation in the aquarium.

Hence, when the motor is turned on, the waves will be spread to all parts of the fish tank that makes ample movement in the water for the fish to remain active and the coral to stay healthy. The item can also be used to increase the level of oxygen present in the tank.

The waves are natural and can be set according to your preference with the controller very easily. The natural intensity and speed of the waves create a perfect underwater ecosystem all day long. You need to submerge the machine completely inside the water – don’t worry about any oil because it is completely free from it.

If you are wondering how you are going to fix this motor in the aquarium, Hydor has integrated it with a magnetic clamp that locks the device securely. Energy consumption is really low since it takes only 12W of power to create the waves in the aquarium. If you have a budget that is around $40, then the Hydor Smart Wave Circulation Pump is a good option that you can take a look at.


7. Sunsun JVP-201B 1585 GPH Dual Aquarium Wavemaker

Sunsun JVP-201B 1585 GPH Dual Aquarium WavemakerSunsun dual aquarium wavemaker is for those who want more power in their waves inside their aquarium. A dual wavemaker ensures that the power distributed to the different parts of the tank is much stronger and consistent than single wavemakers.

It helps distribute multi-directional waves across the fish tank that keeps supplying the fish and coral with freshwater 24×7 easily. Movement of water also keeps them active. The natural waves create a miniature underwater environment that makes it much more suitable for the fish and coral to live in.

It also helps to reduce harmful sediments and trace elements by pushing them towards the filter. Your aquarium remains clean all the time and as a result, your aquatic creatures will lead a healthy life always.

If you want to keep your aquarium clean and fresh, the Sunsun JVP-201B 1585 GPH Dual Aquarium Wavemaker is one of the best choices that you have. It is an inexpensive way by which you can choose to improve the condition of the water in your saltwater coral, reef or fish aquarium.

Like many other competitors in the market, the Sunsun JVP-201B comes with 360° articulating ball that distributes the water to all the direction of the aquarium. If you want to improve the oxygenation of your tank, then this wavemaker is quite an effective way to do so.

The magnetic clamp at the base of the wavemaker provides robust stability and positioning. One of the cheapest wavemakers that we have mentioned till now on this list, this product is available within a price of $22.

Considering this price, the wavemaker offers some really interesting features like the 360° multi-directional ball joint, silent function, etc. For those of you who are really on a very tight budget, this is a reliable option that you can choose.


8. Jebao OW Wave Maker Flow Pump

Jebao OW Wave Maker Flow PumpJebao has some of the most efficient and reliable wavemakers available in the market. The Jebao OW wavemaker, from the OW lineup, is a brand new product that was launched just back in 2018.

It is a really good launch considering the features that have been added and the improvements that have been made. Due to the presence of the magnetic base, positioning the wavemaker is much easier than ever.

If you want then you can either choose to spread the waves in a multi-directional pattern or in a single direction. The high performance and adequate water flow remove a dead spot from all corners of the aquarium. You will be glad to know that the product is really durable because of the wear-proof ceramic shaft.

The Intelligent Control System allows you to carefully change the wave patterns inside the aquarium. Its Silent Function makes sure that it does not cause too much noise when you turn it on. This new generation wavemaker comes with an adjustable flow rate, so that you can easily control the power of the waves.

The build quality of this mid-range fish tank is quite premium. It is made of anti-rust elements that do not corrode when in contact with water. The wiring is also good with ample layers of protection that keeps the wires safe all the time from any electric short.

The very familiar Feeding Option feature comes handy with this wavemaker and functions without any hassles. Low voltage operation does not put a toll on your electric bill and save a lot of energy.

The efficient Master/slave wireless mode allows you to control the settings very easily. So, within $50, you will be getting a wireless wavemaker that comes with some really cool features and provides a really strong performance than others. For such a price, this is undoubtedly one of the best aquarium wave maker that you can buy.


9. Uniclife 3400 GPH Controllable Wavemaker

Uniclife 3400 GPH Controllable WavemakerIf you want to purchase a high-performance wave maker, then the Uniclife 3400 GPH is a really good option. The adjustable step-less flow and the frequency of the control can be easily adjusted.

The accessibility of this wavemaker is phenomenal and much more convenient than most other products available in the market. The one-tap function offers greater convenience when you need to adjust the settings.

Just tap a button on the control panel and you will be able to get different sea wave patterns. Even though Uniclife markets the product by saying it consumes less power, other products on this list offer better energy saving.

Like the Hygger Submersible Aquarium Powerhead and Uniclife 3400 GPH Controllable Wavemaker consume 12W and 16W of power compared to the 40W of Uniclife. A full 360-degree rotation for multiple directional waves ensures perfect circulation of water throughout the aquarium all day long.

The product has been termed ideal for a 60-150 gallon of the aquarium and especially those which house marine, freshwater or tropical aquariums. The Quiet Operation feature enables you to sleep with peace For solid grip, a magnet suction base has been integrated with the wavemaker and it really offers fantastic stability.

Priced around $70, the Uniclife 3400 GPH Controllable Wavemaker is a really good option. It is one of the most expensive wavemakers we have mentioned in this list but if you have a flexible budget, you can purchase it since it supports large aquarium and has really fantastic power output.


10. Sunsun JVP-101B GPH Aquarium Wavemaker

Sunsun JVP-101B GPH Aquarium WavemakerAre there any dead spots in your aquarium that is bothering you? Then you will need to take action right now. The Sunsun JVP-101B 793 GPH Aquarium Wavemaker is a brilliant device that will help you get rid of the dead spots by driving the water to all directions inside the aquarium.

The wavemaker is dynamic and has a fully submersible 793GPH power that allows the generation of waves in the tank very naturally. You will be glad to know that the motor is 100% oil-free that keeps the water safe from pollution. Your aquarium will now feel much fresher and revitalized due to the consistent flow of water at all times.

The oxygen quantity in the water also increases as a result and your fish and other aquatic organisms live a much better life. The full rotating articulated ball joint easily allows a full 360° rotation that is able to generate waves in a multi-direction pattern.

This is one of the best aquarium wave maker to create an almost ocean-like environment inside the fish tank. The ecosystem supports and promotes a teeming life in the aquarium throughout the year.

The build quality of the device is not the best we have seen. But considering that it comes at a reasonable price, you cannot complain much. The wavemaker has a silent operation mode that does not create too much of sound when it’s working.

For solid fixing and positioning, the magnetic clasp helps to keep the wave maker in place. In terms of energy consumption, this device consumes very less in comparison to others. It requires only 6W of electricity to run and that really saves a lot of energy.

Available at a price of around $20, the Sunsun JVP-101B 793 GPH is a budget-friendly wave maker that will keep your aquarium clean and fresh without too much expense.


11. Current USA eFlux Accessory Wave Pump

Current USA eFlux Accessory Wave PumpIf you have a budget of around $50 in mind and do not want to compromise on the quality of the wavemaker, then the Current USA Felix wavemaker is unarguably one of the best in the market. The function of the motor is really convenient and it works really well without the need for too much effort.

The motor works virtually silent all the time, thus allowing to maintain peace in your space. The device comes with a pre-filter foam guard and a robust cable protector that provides extra protection to the device from any electric trouble.

The premium build quality of the swivel bracket provides multi-directional 360° water circulation, which facilitates a better ecosystem inside the aquarium. As the water flow becomes consistent in all directions, any dead spots in the fish tank get eliminated along with any other debris.

Coming to the build quality of the wavemaker, we were really impressed. The device is made of anti-corrosive materials which will not be damaged even it comes in contact with water. The super-strong magnetic bracket helps to keep the gadget in place and offers better positioning all the time.

Current USA reflux has been integrated with high absorbing silicone pads that help absorb the vibration from the device when it works and keep it virtually silent. You will be able to choose from a number of different kinds of wave patterns like Wave Pulse, Surge Flow, Steady Stream, and Feed Mode, all of which can be easily customized using the LOOP control.

One amazing feature of this wavemaker is that it comes with Bluetooth integration that provides seamless connectivity all the time. The LOOP system is upgradable and it can effectively sync and connect the lights, pumps and other kinds of accessories into a single network.

It is one of the most intelligent and sophisticated wavemaker systems that we have seen till now. The waves produced are natural and helps to eliminate any dead zone in the aquarium, keeping the fish and corals healthy without too much effort.

Priced around $50, the Current USA reflux is one of the best aquarium wave maker that comes with Bluetooth connectivity and reliable LOOP support.


12. Jebao CP-120 Cross Flow Pump WaveMaker

Jebao CP-120 Cross Flow Pump WaveMakerThe Jebao CP-120 Cross Flow wavemaker is compact and really sophisticated in design. The build quality of the wavemaker is quite good, considering that the product has been priced at around $100.

The most interesting feature of the wavemaker is i’s Crossflow Technology that provides a strong and deep flow of water through the entire fish tank with consistency. The user can easily eliminate dead spots using this product and facilitate the process of oxygenation in the water.

The increase in oxygen levels will be much better for the fish and coral. This new technology can also provide different flow of waves that mimic the natural ones, helping you maintain the perfect underwater ecosystem.

The gadget also supports different wave modes like the Pulse Mode and Normal Mode. 360° multi-directional function of the motor provides a consistent flow of water in all the directions of the aquarium.

It keeps the surroundings clean, free from debris and prevents stagnancy inside the fish tank. The unique control system is easy to use and allows convenient access to different features. The wires and material used to build this wavemaker have been certified safe, which makes them suitable to be used near water without any fear of electrical damage.

The Jebao CP-120 Cross Flow Pump is a good wavemaker but for the $100 price tag, we feel that there are much better options available in the market that can offer better features and level of performance.


13. Freesea Aquarium Wave Maker Power Head

Freesea Aquarium Wave Maker Power HeadEven though there are several wavemakers available in the market, very few of them have an innovative and sophisticated design like the FREESIA Aquarium Wave Maker Power Head. The waves produced by this wavemaker are adjustable and they are quite natural, with a good amount of force in them.

This allows the fish to stay active in the tank and at the same time maintains a consistent level of movement in the water – which is vital for the growth of the fish and coral. You can easily adjust the flow rate of the waves with the help of a single touch on the control panel.

The wavemaker can be easily fixed to one position with the help of the magnetic clasp that ensures better positioning in the aquarium. Keep in mind that the gadget needs to be fully submerged inside the water so that it can work.

However, don’t worry about the motor polluting the water with oil, because it is completely oil-free. The components are made of safe materials that will not corrupt the water in any way. Once fixed inside, you will not have to worry about adjusting it regularly.

It will easily work in a fish tank that has a size of around 60-100 gallons. The company ensures that you will get 100% satisfaction using their product because they offer the best durability and quality design at a budget-friendly price range.

They also provide an unmatchable lifetime warranty on this product! For a price of around $30, we believe that this is a really good deal that you should not miss out on.


14. Jebao SOW Wave Maker Flow Pump

Jebao SOW Wave Maker Flow PumpThe Jebao SOW Wave Maker Flow Pump comes in four different models but with almost the same features. The models (SOW-4, SOW-8, SOW-15, and SOW-20) are made to support different sizes of the fish tank.

This is a firm upgrade from the previous OW models, and Jebao has made sure that the new SOW model has a better motor and offers improved long term performance. The build quality of the wave motor is also better and is made carefully with premium materials, in order to deliver higher durability.

The wave motor is suitable for both, fresh and saltwater aquariums. You can easily install the motor inside the aquarium without too many hassles. This wave maker has been integrated with a night sensor as well.

It automatically detects when the lights inside the aquarium go off and slow down the motor, to provide rest to the marine creatures. The very convenient Feeding Mode also comes handy with the SOW series that slows the pump for 10 minutes so that the fish can eat.

The improved performance of the motor constantly circulates the water through all parts of the fish tank and will help remove any dead spots.

It increases the oxygen count in the water, providing the fish and coral with enough nutrients to lead a healthy life and thrive in the miniature ecosystem. You can get this wavemaker at a price between $50 – $65, depending on the size you want.


15. Innovative Marine Wavelink DC Wavemaker

Innovative Marine Wavelink DC WavemakerThe last product on our list is the Innovative Marine Wavelink DC Wavemaker. Of all the other wavemakers that we have reviewed on this list, this particular device is packed with some of the best features that will help you maintain a fantastic aquarium ecosystem throughout the year.

The first thing that is going to catch your eye is the premium build quality of the wavemaker. It is made of robust and anti-corrosive materials, which lasts for a long time in spite of being 100% submerged inside the water.

The motor comes with Ultra-Quiet Sine Wave Technology which virtually produces no sound when you turn it on. The Magnetic Swivel Mount allows the users to fix the wavemaker on the wall of the aquarium. You will not need too many adjustments after you fix it against the wall as the magnet is really strong.

The wavemaker comes with 9 preset modes that provide Adjustable Wave Frequency, so you can get your desired waves at any point in time. To help you maintain a better level of the marine ecosystem, the wave motor comes with Pulse – Sine – Surge – Stream – Turbulent modes – which change the intensity of the waves depending on the marine life that is existing in the aquarium.

The Self-Clean mode keeps the motor clean without too much effort. Another interesting feature is the Linkable Wireless Master/Slave Configuration. So you can easily control the settings and presets without any wired connection. How convenient is that?! Priced at around $100, this premium device is easily one of the best aquarium wavemaker on this list.


Advantages Of Having A Aquarium WaveMaker

Here are some excellent advantages of purchasing one of the best aquarium wavemakers from the market –

  • Creates a familiar habitat – The fish and corals will always thrive well because waves are familiar to them and being in a habitat that is known, they tend to stay more healthy. Waves and current in the water help to set up the perfect artificial environment for your marine creatures to live well in the tank.
  • Circulates the nutrients – Nutrients are very much essential for the coral and other marine animals living in the aquarium. But the coral cannot search for its own food, unlike fish. Hence the wavemaker is going to help circulate the nutrients all around the tank and allow them to enjoy essential nutrients.
  • Eliminates dead spots – Wavemakers eliminate a lot of dead spots in the water. Dead spots are those areas of the water where it does not move. These areas tend to become unhealthy for the fish as they don’t have fresh oxygen. The wavemaker will remove the spots by circulating water throughout the tank. It also promotes higher oxygen levels for the organisms.
  • Gives a realistic touch – A wavemaker also makes your aquarium look really nice. It helps to create a realistic atmosphere inside the tank and with many of the devices, you can even set the intensity of the wave you ideally want.

Best Aquarium Wavemakers: What’s Your Choice?

So, to enjoy all these benefits, you will need to invest in a good wavemaker. Now we will take a look at the factors that will help you to choose the best aquarium wavemaker.

If you have read the article till this point, then you are now aware of 15 different wavemakers which we consider to be the best in the market. We have tried and tested all of them, only after which we have added them on this list of best aquarium wavemakers.

For those of you who want to maintain a naturally healthy aquarium ecosystem, you must invest in a good wavemaker. Make sure to check out all the products that we have mentioned in this list and purchase one which suits your budget and other preferences.