Best Aquarium Stands 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Ameriwood 2. Imagitarium 3. Aqueon Forge


Having a lush green, healthy aquarium in your sitting room looks very visually appealing, and yes, this requires time and proper maintenance. A good-sized aquarium requires a few special types of equipment, a decent substrate, and a water management system for starters. In addition to that, you will have to look into a few best aquarium stands to keep the plants and fish in your tank happy and healthy.

However, while looking for the best aquarium stands, you may be wondering if you have to spend a lot. Though the need for mounting your aquarium on top of something is imperative, the money you spend on the aquarium stand depends greatly on you.


No matter what the size of your tank is, it requires some sort of solid support based not only on the weight of the tank but also of the water in it. This is where most aquarium owners go wrong. Thus, when you are hunting for the best aquarium stands, do consider the weight of the tank after it is filled with water.

We understand that buying something so important for your aquarium can be mind-boggling, especially if you are a hobbyist. There is just so much to consider and know before you buy the best aquarium stands.

So, here we are to help you with all the ins and outs of the best products in the market, the crucial points to consider before purchase, the various types to look into and much more. All in all, this article will serve as the gospel to buying the ultimate stand for your tank. We sincerely hope that it helps you.

Primary Benefits Of The Best Aquarium Stands

1. Leveling:

If you are considering aquascaping as a part of your home decor, then you have to invest in a few essential items. That being said, you have to ensure that all the pieces of equipment in the tank and the tank itself are leveled. In the absence of such an arrangement, your tank might experience pressure and collapse eventually. To steer away from such a disastrous event, the indispensability of an aquarium stand cannot be highlighted enough.

2. Support:

One extreme way to level your tank is by placing the tank on the floor. Sound very odd right? Plus there are logistic issues involved. You will have to bow down every time you want to interact with your fish or take a closer look at the plants. Stands come in handy in this case. Everyone needs a little support, so why not your fish tank?

Generally, people think about the aquarium stand after selecting the ideal aquarium size, reef and fish. But it’s important to chalk out the exact type of stand you will need for leveling your tank.

Additionally, think about whether you will want a stand with a hood or canopy to go with your aquarium. So stands come with hoods which reduce evaporation and keep fish from jumping. They are also ideal for hiding lighting fixtures.

3. The Element Of Style:

In this case, there are two components to consider:

Basic Stand: The basic stand or the four-legged furniture fixture for a tank works for small aquariums. You will surely need something studier and hardy for the large tanks. However, if you are new to aquascaping, start with the cheaper ones before you buy anything elaborate.

Cabinet Style: Unlike the basic stands, these types are far more studier and provide great stability and storage space for all the goods and supplies that you have for your tank.

4. Styling Tips:

To find the ideal stand for your tank, the former has to align with the latter in terms of looks. For instance, if you have a tank with dark wood accents, it is important to get a stand which is similar in tone and texture.

The optimal height of the tank-viewing area must also be considered while buying the tank stand. Generally, all stands have a 30-inch height. However, if you are getting a customized tank stand, the height can be adjusted as per your choice. Mostly, customized tanks are between 32 inches in width and 46 inches in height.

Points To Consider Before Buying Best Aquarium Stands

Ideally, the best aquarium stands are nothing but sturdy pieces of furniture which not only support the tank, but also hold up all the fittings and equipment in it to ensure the health and well being of the plants and fish in the tank.

While buying the best aquarium stands, you will have to consider the size, material, and shape of each product available in the market. However, the choice of the ideal stand will depend on the material of your tank, its weight, your sense of aesthetics and of course, your budget.

1. Aquarium Stand Options:

Many transform a strong piece of furniture into an aquarium stand. In such cases, there is no quality assurance of the product. Additionally, it is not possible to pick out a piece of furniture to support the weight of your aquarium based solely on assumptions.

The next option available is to buy one of the best aquarium stands that fit in your budget. You can also get a customized stand built based on the weight and height specification of your tank.

2. Aquarium Weight:

Before you buy one of the best aquarium stands, you have to be aware of the actual weight of the aquarium which depends solely on the type of material used. For instance, glass tanks are twice as much heavier than acrylic tanks. An empty 20-gallon glass tank will weigh nearly twenty-five pounds, while the weight of an acrylic tank will be half that.

While the material of the tank is an important point of consideration, the real issue arises when the tank is filled with fish and water.

Water makes the fish tank quite heavy. Generally, water adds around 8 pounds per gallon in the aquarium. Along with the water in the tank, the substrate placed at the bottom of the tank also contributes to the total weight.

In that situation, a twenty-gallon glass tank can weigh well over two hundred pounds when filled with water and gravel! Do we need to highlight that the little cupboard at the far end of your dining table will not be very effective in supporting this mammoth?

3. Accessible:

If you have a tank at home, you need to access the pieces of equipment placed in the tank once in a while, for replacement and cleanup. Now, you cannot reach the water filter in your tank if the stand makes the aquarium too high, right?

Additionally, you will require some amount of clearance space around the tank for the cords and cables. If you are using an external system, like a canister, then it has to be placed close to the aquarium and some amount of space must be available for that. For such reasons, its ideal to opt for aquarium stands that have space to conceal the pieces of equipment and accessories under it.

4. Balanced Support:

The importance of this point cannot be stressed enough. While you are searching for the best aquarium stands in the market, make sure you select one that is leveled and evenly balanced. If one edge of the tank hangs out of the sand, or if the entire tank is not leveled then a specific seam is likely to get stressed.

Gradually, the seam fails and the aquarium starts to leak. Thus, it is important to ensure that all sides of the tank are on a level and there is no overhanging from any corner.

5. Bottom Support:

It must be noted that aquariums made from different materials require different sorts of support for the aiding structure. For instance, though acrylic is a lightweight material, its edge of flexibility requires it to have full bottom support.

Thus if you have an acrylic tank, make sure to pick out a stand that offers complete support to the base of the tank. On the other hand, if you have a glass tank, then you need an aquarium stand that supports the outer edge of the tank. This is because, though glass is heavier than acrylic, it does not buckle.

However, if you have a big tank, it is advisable to opt for all-around support. So, all these differences must be well considered before you head out to buy the best aquarium stands.

Types Of Aquarium Stands:

Aquarium stands come in multiple shapes, materials, and sizes. It is crucial to have an aquarium stand since it’s an integral part of the complete setup. However, the importance of an aquarium stand is irrevocable for saltwater tanks as many hobbyists place a sump in the sand, and that functions as the beck-end operation of the entire tank.

Here are a few things to look into before purchasing one of the best aquarium stands:

1. Kinds of Aquarium Stands:

There are various types of aquarium stands that one can come across. While purchasing the best aquarium stands for both salt-water and freshwater tanks, quality is a key point of consideration. There are four types of quality to look into:

  • DIY Tank Stands

Most DIY tanks are made out of wood. These types of tanks can only be considered if you know a good carpenter, or if you are good with wooden work yourself.

  • Branded Stands

As the name suggests, these are the trusted names that use a high variety of materials for making the stands ideal for hobbyists. The best example of these tanks are the ones seen in an all-in-one aquarium shop. These tanks are either wooden or metal-based, aluminum, or stainless steel to be specific.

The wooden ones are made of plywood and not MDF. These types of tanks commonly have features that suit hobbyists such as storage place, cables ports, etc.

  • Customized Stands

These are made to order and suited to the purpose and likes of the buyer. Naturally, the quality of material used for making these is quite high and can be a good alternative for the branded counterparts. However, tailor-made aquarium stands are quite pricey, but they are one of a kind.

So if you are looking forward to buying a boutique stand for your tank, this is the best option to look into. Materials used for a customized tank can either be wood or metal. You have the option to install customizable cabinet doors or shelves to suit your purpose. Superior quality and high-end budget are what characterizes these types of aquariums.

  • Standard Aquarium Stands

These are the ones commonly available in any pet store. They are typically made of MDF or particleboard. Generally, this variety of tanks are quite a low budget. Though they can be used for a freshwater tank with no sumps, these are not ideal for seawater tanks in the long run. The sumps placed inside a tank produces salt wrapping from within.

Additionally, spills inside the tank originating from maintenance can also cause issues. Once the wrapping effect has taken place, it cannot be reversed, and it will gradually degrade the quality of the tank. Thus, it is advisable not to opt for this variety of tanks available in the market.

2. Material Of Aquarium Stands:

When planning to get one of the best aquarium stands, you should be aware of the various materials that are commonly available. The most common ones are:

  • MDF/Board

This is the cheapest form of wood which is used for manufacturing stands. This material is used mostly by chain brands or in imported stands.

They are not ideal for a saltwater tank as they are not equipped to handle the humidity produced from the sump. It is only advisable to use MDF if you are hiring a carpenter to get the work done, or if you are familiar with woodwork yourself and you know how to paint and seal the stand.

  • Metal:

A metal stand is typically ideal for large tanks. They have excellent structural support and can be used in combination with wood to build a customized stand. Since these types of tanks provide great structural strength, they provide better access to the sumps and other backend operations of the tank.

Mostly aluminum and stainless steel are the best choices of metal available in the market. Aluminum, however, is not that popular outside the US but is a reliable choice for lightweight stands inside the country. However, aluminum stands are quite pricey.

  • Plywood

This is the standard when it comes to premium quality tank stands. This material is used for the higher-end tanks and is ideal if you are opting for a DIY tank. Plywood is a very sturdy building material and is less subjectable to damage from water than MDF. So, if you are looking for a custom look for your stand, this is your to-go material.

  • Wood:

This is the most expensive material that is used for making aquariums stands. Plus, stands made out of wood are the sturdiest and have a greater shelf-life.

Generally, when tank stands are wood-based, oak is used. Wood is a very popular stand building material as it holds great under pressure and does not damage easily like wooden byproducts like fiberboard and pressed board.

  • Wooden ByProducts:

Wooden byproducts are more expensive than metal but are slightly cheaper than common wood substitutes that are used in making tank stands.

However, if the tank stands made from these materials are not available with predrilled holes, cutting them exposes the layer of moisture within the material. This causes damage to the board and eventually, it swells up and weakens. Any hobbyist will not want this situation to occur.

3. Stand Heights:

Generally, a stand opens on the top. Though this works great for a glass tank, an acrylic aquarium will need bottom support. If you own a rimless aquarium, then it is advisable to get a self-leveling mat. Since a rimless aquarium adds pressure strain on the glass, this mat comes in very handy. If you are looking to buy one, then you can get in touch with any manufacture who sells acrylic rimless tanks. These mats are sold with the entire setup.

If you are planning to install a sizeable sump in the tank, then it is ideal to have a setup which opens on the top. But consider this option beforehand, since it will be impossible to move the aquarium stand once your tank is mounted on it.

As mentioned earlier, some amount of room must be provided for the pieces of equipment to be placed under the tank. Thus, if you have a lot of equipment, generally seen in a reef aquarium, then you should have the facility of large doors and plenty of storage systems inside the stand.

This stands true if you wish to keep your sump under the tank. Thus, you need extra space for all the equipment and sumps and also make way for additional space so that you can maintain all that without disturbing the setup.

In that light, there is one disadvantage which is common for all standard aquariums. They have an additional brace installed in the center of the stand and many a time, it hinders maintenance. However, this problem can be avoided if you are opting for a high-end variety or a DIY stand.

4. With Canopy Or Without Canopy Stand:

As with rimless aquariums, mounted lighting systems for tanks and ceilings are becoming common, the canopy is losing its importance.

However, the look of your tank is your choice. Though canopy is not common these days, a few hobbyists still use them. There are a few tank owners who fear that their fish might jump out of the water in a topless system. A mesh screening is ideal for this purpose.

Once you are clear on the types of tanks available in the market and have taken a closer look at the points to be considered before buying the best aquarium stands, it’s time to look into a few factors which will aid your buying process.

5. Issues Of Particle Board Stands:

The major issue with particleboard is that, although they are strong enough to hold the weight of water, once exposed to any form of moisture, they absorb it and swell. Once such a situation arises, the particleboard weakens and gradually gives way.

If this issue happens once or twice, there is nothing as such to work about. If there has been a major leak, your tank stand can get weak and its integrity might get affected. If there have been quite a few leaks of this sort, your stand can crumble! Now that’s a disaster no hobbyist will like to witness!

This problem does not happen with solid wood or metal stands. However, many hobbyists stay away from metal tank stands out of the fear of rust. But if you are avoiding a metal tank stand for that reason, then it is not a big concern. For instance, one can see a lot of metal stands in pet stores.

Now, these are not taken care of properly. They are splashed with water and perhaps never wiped, so it’s obvious for those to get rusty. But still, metal tank stands are pretty sturdy and can hold on for years together if proper care is ensured.

Buying an aquarium stand will have to be based on a few factors which must be thought after. A few points to consider can be.

6. The Tank Size:

Do not feel guilty if you have a small tank. There is no hard and fast rule that only a big tank can be beautiful. Even if you own a small tank, you can beautify it just the same! You will have greater scope to put in exotic livestock since your tank won’t be loaded with many types of equipment.

It is not imperative to buy an aquarium stand for a small tank. You can put a small tank on any piece of furniture and it can look just as beautiful. However, if you do wish to buy a stand, there are quite a few options available for you to choose from.

7. Investment Required:

If you are planning to get into aquascaping, know for sure that it is not a cheap passion. There will be times when you have to spend unexpectedly. For instance, if your filter stops functioning, you have to get it replaced immediately, or else all your effort of maintaining a lush green set-up will go down the drain.

In addition to being ready for all these necessary yet unexpected investments, you will have to take a call on whether or not will you like to invest in a fancy aquarium stand.

The price range of an aquarium stand can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The ideal one for you will depend on the shape, size, and material that you choose and, of course, your budget.

8. Place To Install:

If you have a big fancy tank, then a stand supporting that tank must be very big itself. Now, placing such a huge setup becomes problematic if your house is already loaded with furniture. In such cases, making your tank the focal point of your room becomes a bit of a challenge.

Additionally, it is not advisable to keep your tank very close to electronic appliances at your place. Thus, before buying an aquarium stand, consider the space issue.

9. The Weight Of Your Aquarium:

If you have thought about aquascaping, then you must be considering a 90-gallon aquarium. If that be the case, then do note that no piece of furniture in your home can support such weight without cracking under pressure eventually.

To prevent this mishap, you need to get a good support system for your tank. However, if your tank is heavier than the ones normally available in the market, then you have to customize a stand that can give you the desired support. Placing a fully-loaded aquarium on a random piece of furniture causes a lot of issues. You might hit the furniture and that might cause the tank to topple! In such cases, a stand is essential.

10. Number Of Accessories In Your Tank:

There are loads of marine life which do not require a lot of devices to survive in harmony. There are lots of aquatic plants and fish which can live very happily with only a pump and a heater. But if you do have a fully equipped aquarium, with a few cables and cords to support the devices, then an aquarium stand is essential. In the absence of a proper stand, all the cables can kill the overall look of your aquarium.

A professional tank stand comes along with special places that conceal the hanging wires and cords, giving your aquarium a very clean and neat visual effect. You can also keep the food and accessories in the special compartments which come along with the professionally crafted tanks.

11. Height Of An Ideal Aquarium Stand:

The height of your aquarium stand will have a great impact on the visibility of your tank. If you have a small tank with fewer plants and fish, you will require a tall stand which will make it easier for you to interact with the animals.

You can also purchase a stand with adjustable feet. This feature comes in handy if you wish to lower or raise the tank as per the surroundings.

12. Visual Impact:

If the visual appeal of your tank is your topmost priority, then you should opt for a stand that looks good. In such a scenario, there are different types of stands that you can buy. Some stands are black, some are modern, and some sleek. There are also a few varieties that offer a vintage or rustic look.

The primary idea is to strike a balance between value and aesthetics to buy the ideal stand that best suits your needs.

13. Setup Process:

Many a times, hobbyists want to move around their tank. So if you have any such plans, it is advisable to buy a tank stand which offers an easy setup facility. Ease of setup is a factor that is often overlooked, and if it is not considered, can surely raise many complications later on.

Some stands come along with metal-to-metal cam fittings. These are trickier to assemble than the ones which have wooden screws. Thus, it is important to consider your experience and skills before you buy a tank stand

Top 18 Best Aquarium Stands 2022

1. Ameriwood Aquarium Stand

Ameriwood Best Aquarium StandThis product can make your decor look very alive. The best part of the product is that it allows a switch between a 10 Gallon stand and a 20 Gallon stand depending on the type of the tank being used.

All you need to do is find the ideal fit and then flip the stand to suit your purpose.

The 20 Gallon stand has wider support while the 10 Gallon one has a smaller one, so it will not be an issue for you to fit your tank ledge to ledge. The stand allows you to conceal all the accessories and thus, checks the point of visual appeal.

This stand is made of MDF and features a white woodgrain finish that adds an x-factor to the home decor. However, some users have felt that this product is not worth the price since it’s not made of a solid material.


2. Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank Stand

Imagitarium Newport Wooden Tank StandThis is one of the best aquarium stands available in the market if you are looking for a solid wooden stand. This sturdy piece can hold up to 20 Gallons of weight.

The product is accompanied by an adjustable nylon sheet and looks very contemporary and clean. It comes with an adjustable nylon leveling feet to ensure a balanced level for your tank.

Though the product seems to offer a lot of usable features, many customers have felt that it does not deliver as promised.

Some users have reported that though the stand is customized for a 20-gallon tank, it fails to hold it up and provide proper balance, and as a result, the tank overhangs.


3. Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 20 By 10-Inch

Aqueon Forge Aquarium Stand 20 By 10-InchThis product delivers that much-desired flexibility that every hobbyist craves for. The steel structure of the tank ensures durability.

The stand has a reversible wooden panel which allows the user to choose between either black or brown! The takeaway feature of this tank is that it comes along with a second shelf which can be used to place a second tank.

However, one can also use it for storing a home decor item as well. Accessing the bottom shelf is made easy by the center wood panel that flips upwards.

All the features of the stand are rust free as they are coated with a rust-resistant powder. Though the stand sounds like a dream product, some users found it to be too big for a 10-gallon tank.


4. Aquatic Fundamentals 50/65 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals 50-65 Gallon Upright Aquarium StandThis product is made to be moisture resistant owing to its powder-coated finish. The product is very user-friendly and does provide a lot of storage spaces.

The cabinets that are attached to the tank comes along with doors which makes it convenient to store things and supplies out of sight. Making it the best 55 gallon fish tank.

However, the tank is not waterproof, which is a bit of a concern. Dips, humidity originating from the sumps, light skimmer spray can cause complete breakdown of the stand within a year, as reported by some users.

To make things worse, the doors, side panels, and the bottom might start to decay due to the humidity.


5. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 29 Gallons

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand, 29 GallonsThis is a very sturdy structure made from durable steel. Plus, this stand for fish tanks offers adjustable feet which can be leveled before the tank is placed.

The design of the stand is very catchy and modern and has a chic black finish. The sheer look of the product makes aquariums and terrariums look great as part of the home decor.

The best part is that this product comes in various sizes so one has a lot of options to choose from. However, a few users have felt that the top surface of the tank is uneven.

Plus the crossbars are placed at a slightly lower level which causes stress at the bottom of the tank, eventually breaking the seal at the bottom.


6. Ameriwood Aquarium Stand

Ameriwood Aquarium StandThis is one of the best aquarium stands made out of MDF and particle boards as it gives users the scope to keep the size option open.

The best part of the product is that it comes with a unique patent design which supports a 10-gallon tank on one end and a 20-gallon tank on the opposite side.

The product can take up to 10 gallons or 120lbs, or 20 gallons up to 240 lbs. The product offers two top shelves. The small B shelf can take a weight of 120 lbs while the large shelf C can bear up to 240 lbs. However, many users have reported that this piece is very difficult to assemble.

The holes for holding up the product are not placed in the right spots, making it extremely difficult to set the stand properly.


7. Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with Storage

Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand with StorageThe Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stands are available in two colors, black, and grey. The product has a powder-coated finish and comes in four different sizes 10,20,29,55 gallon tank holding strength.

The stand quality is ideal for supporting rectangular tanks of 30/38/48 gallon. The key material used in the product is dense fiberwood which comes with a melamine laminate.

These metal fish tank stands have been designed to offer long-lasting strength and durability.

The product has an amazing classic scroll up and down the design on each side of the stand. The solid top design of the tank supports every corner of the tank, unlike the other tanks which come with a “lip only stand”. Overall the product adds that must desire glitz to the home decor.

However, many users have reported that the door hinges of the product are not placed in the right spots and thus, the doors do not open. Few other users reported that the top and bottom pieces of the product are not the same.


8. Sauder 416444, Select Aquarium Stand, 48″ x 18″ – 75, 90 and 110 Gallon, Jamocha Wood Finish

Sauder 416444, Select Aquarium Stand, 48 x 18 - 75, 90 and 110 Gallon, Jamocha Wood FinishSauder 416444, Select Aquarium Stands offer a finish that furthers the protection for your aquarium and adds an element of style to your home decor.

Made from Jamocha Wood, the product comes with adjustable doors and hidden storage space which makes it easy to hide away the accessories.

The key takeaway of the product is that it offers a cord management system.

However, the product is difficult to assemble and as per some users, it is short.


9. Ameriwood Home Aquarium Stand

Ameriwood Home Aquarium StandMade out of MDF and particleboard, this brown stand is just perfect to bring out the best in your aquarium. The stand has two shelves in the center, two at the back and two large doors on either side.

The storage facility is very easy to access and is ideal to keep fish food, nets, and such other essential things.

Space is big enough to store water treatment essentials and cleaning supplies. The best part of the product is its shape. The rectangular shape of the stand allows one to hang the aquarium up against the wall, thereby offering a three-sided view of the tank.

Assembling the product is not a big problem, however, since the parts are heavy, three adults will be required for the process. The product can hold up to 75-gallon aquarium or 900 lbs. Though the product seems like a dream come true for hobbyists, there are multiple poor reviews of the product.

Most of the users have complained that the holes provided in the hardware do not align. To make things worse, the screws provided for assembling the piece are either too small or too big. Finally, the two shelves sit on drastic angles which neither provides support to the shelves nor functionality.


10. Aquatic Fundamentals AMZ-102551 Aquarium Stand 55 Gallon Black

Aquatic Fundamentals AMZ-102551 Aquarium Stand 55 Gallon BlackAquatic Fundamentals stand comes with a moisture-resistant formula with a Black powder base coating. The chic look of the stand makes the aquarium the center of attention in any room.

The dimension of this specific model is so crafted that it provides support to almost every corner of the aquarium.

The piece comes with front door storage which allows easy storing of pumps, filters, and food. The back of the stand is largely open, except for the single support base.

This allows you to route all the cords, cables and tubes from within the tank to outside without making any separate panel in the tank. The stand has a holding capacity for 10,20,29,55 tank sizes.

This stand, however, is not the favorite of many users who find the product to be wobbly. Some users have reported that the wobbliness of the tank is a structural flaw and must be fixed. Some users have also reported that the hardware to assemble the tank is faulty. The screws and holes do not fit, one too big for the other.


11. Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Espresso

Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand, EspressoA good aquarium stand is sure to make your room come alive, and that is exactly what this product does. The Altra Laguna tide 29-37 gallon tank stand can hold up to 27 gallons.

Like all the other products in this segment, this stand comes with two cabinet doors concealing a large shelf where fish food, nets, and other water treatment equipment can be kept. Additionally, the product offers three easy-access compartments to users to store personal items like photos, collectibles, and other home decor stuff.

The Espresso model is just ideal if you are looking for a contemporary style in your room. The key takeaway of the product is that it’s ideal for both freshwater and seawater aquatic life. However, assembling the product is quite tedious as reported by many users.

Though one just requires a screwdriver and a hammer for the process, the product assembly takes a lot of time. A few users have also reported the low quality of the product. As per some reviews, only the front section of the stand appears to be coated, and the cheap material used in the stand is quite visible from all sides.

Additionally, the screws provided to assemble the doors are not that long to hold on. Thus, a user must buy screws of different shapes and sizes and see which fits. To make things worse, the two doors of the stand are not the same in dimension and thus, the product seems a tad bit tilted from the front.


12. Sauder 413690, Select 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Black Finish

Sauder 413690, Select 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand, Black FinishThis tank stand is ideal for a 29 gallon stand specially made for Bio Cubes. The product is made from high-density fiber wood and provides ample support to heavy reef tank setup.

The stand matches the tone of most tanks and thus, creates a continuous effect which is very beautiful for home decoration. The stand is feature-packed and offers the best of the lot.

For instance, the product comes with pre-drilled holes and a triple coated water-resistant finish which does not make it necessary for one to punch in separate holes in the stand. The outlets are ideal for routing the cords, tubes, and cable from within the tank to outside without compromising on the overall visual appeal of the tank.

The stand is elevated, which provides ideal ventilation and also reduces the chances of damaging any hardwood surface. Though the product promises a world of good, some users were highly disappointed with the product.

According to some users, the tank started to wobble and wrap within 9 months of use. The doors refused to open and close properly and caused the entire system to shift and move. However, some users have been very satisfied with the product for its easy guide to assemble the product.


13. Sauder 416443, Select Aquarium Stand, 48″ x 12″ – 33/40 Long, 55 Gallon, Jamocha Wood Finish

Sauder 416443, Select Aquarium Stand, 48 x 12 - 33 40 Long, 55 Gallon, Jamocha Wood FinishSauder 416443, Select Aquarium Stand, made from Jamocha wood comes with a water-resistant platform which provides added protection to the tank.

The best part of the product is that it comes with adjustable doors and shelves to hide the accessories or other tank and fish supplies.

The product offers a great cord management system so that users do not have to punch holes to direct the cables, cord, and tubes from within the tank to outside.

However, some users found great difficulty in assembling the product. Though the product comes along with a lot of screws, it does not have the screws needed the most for assembling the product.


14. Coralife Designer Biocube Stand

Coralife Designer Biocube StandThis product presents a tinted acrylic panel along with thin black handles.

Like other products in this genre, Coralife Designer Biocube Stand, too, has shelves to store pieces of equipment, tools, food and other essential elements.

The product comes along with pre-drilled holes at the back to route wires, tubes, and cables. Such an arrangement does not affect the overall visual appeal of the product.

The stand does not take much effort to be set and is made out of water-resistant material. However, few users have not been very satisfied with the product.


15. All Glass Aquarium AAG51007 15Column Stand Knockdown

All Glass Aquarium AAG51007 15Column Stand KnockdownThe All Glass Aquarium AAG51007 15column Stand Knockdown has well-fitted long doors which provide ample space for storing equipment and other essential items such as food supply of a tank.

The best part of the product is that it is very easy to assemble. The user just has to make use of 6 simple steps and the product is set to be used! The design of the product is very contemporary and sleek, making it ideal for use in a modern house.

The structure is seamless and thus, it can blend very easily with the surroundings. However, some users found the product unworthy. According to some users, the base pressboard pieces are not covered in black like the rest of the product.

Additionally, the door hinges had to be pulled out to install the plastic anchors. Though the product mentions that the plastic anchors can be pushed in, that does not seem to work with the product.


16. Imagitarium White Gloss Fish Tank Stand, Up To 40 Gal

Imagitarium White Gloss Fish Tank Stand, Up To 40 GalThis product has a very sturdy construction and is highly durable.

The product comes along with adjustable storage shelves and hooks for easy storage of tank essentials, food supply and other maintenance products.

The tank stand is not very hefty or bulky.

Its seamless, sleek design makes it an ideal home decor piece.


17. Imagitarium Brushed Steel Look Fish Tank Stand, Up To 55 Gal

Imagitarium Brushed Steel Look Fish Tank Stand, Up To 55 GalLike other tank stands, this one too is crafted to perfection. Its seamless design makes it an ideal home decoration piece.

Setting up the product is also not a big challenge and can be done quite easily. The stand has adjustable hooks and shelves which makes it ideal to store tank essential and other equipment.

However, as per some users, the tank stand parts were damaged and that made the assembly very difficult.


18. Caitec Bird Toys Titanezedouble Aquarium Stand, Two Stands In One, Upper & Lower Levels, Birds, Fish, Small Animals, 20″ Stand, 31″ High, Holds 10 Gal. Tank

Caitec Bird Toys Titanezedouble Aquarium Stand, Two Stands In One, Upper & Lower Levels, Birds, Fish, Small Animals, 20 Stand, 31 High, Holds 10 Gal. TankThis double stand aquarium is ideal if you wish to keep a combination of two tanks, bird cages or other such animal habitats. Both the top and lower shelf can be used for placing one tank each. The sturdy structure of this tank stand is the best means you can use to showcase your beautiful pets.

The product is very sleek and trendy and comes with two swirls decorative design at the two corners which makes it makes the stand ideal to be put in any room.

The best part of the product is that no tools are required for assembling it! One just needs a few minutes to put the setup together. The tank is ideal for offices, classrooms, family rooms, labs, and such other places.

Though this product seems very glamorous and ideal for hobbyists, some users are not very happy with the product. According to a few users, the screws and pins do not provide enough support and the entire set up comes off if it’s shifted from one place to another. Additionally, the swirl decorations are useless and cannot hold anything.


Best Fish Tank Stands: What’s Your Pick?

To make your tank look good and visually appealing, you need to place it in a position where it will grab the maximum attention. Thus, the importance of an aquarium stand cannot be ignored. To that end, all the best aquarium stands available in the market has been covered.

However, it’s important to consider size, height, material and weight factors before one buys an aquarium stand. With all that covered, we hope you can find your ideal tank stand which will add an edge to your aquascaping unit!