Best Aquarium Heaters 2022 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

1. Cobalt Aquatics 2. Hygger Titanium 3. Fluval External Filter
Fluval E Electronic Heater

With pets, you often think about how good of a companion they would make in times of need. That is what directs people to improve their lifestyles by embracing a pet of their wishes. Fishes, in this regard, have proved to be one of the most beautiful companions.

They are stored within the environment of an aquarium that serves as their habitat and provides an additional attraction for the place at which they are kept. Unlike owning a dog or a cat, keeping fishes is easy because they do not require an intricate system of routines to be kept healthy and active.

However, it is essential for the aquarium to be kept at certain optimum conditions for the fishes to remain in their best state of health. Amongst these optimum conditions is the requirement of the aquarium to be at a stable temperature which is ideal for fishes. The best aquarium heaters help us in achieving the optimum temperature.

Types Of Aquarium Heaters

There are many heaters regarded as the best aquarium heaters, but you need to know the kind of the heater before you go in to purchase and install the tank with this heating equipment. It is essential to know what type will suit your aquarium as the performance of heaters comes second.

A. Immersible Heaters

Immersible heaters are the most common form of a heater present in the market, is cost-efficient and readily available for use. It comes with the ease to be placed at the back of the aquarium, and it is enclosed within a glass tube that can be directly immersed into the water. It can be prone to accidents due to exposure. There are three further types of immersible heaters:

  • Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters: It is used for vessels in which the heater’s installation is complicated through the side. These heaters are placed from the top of the tank with heat element either on the side or at the bottom.
  • Threaded or Screw Plug Immersion Heaters: It has bent tubular elements that are connected to a wiring outlet at one end and welded into a screw plug from the other end. Screws are used to thread the heater in the tank by its walls.
  • Flanged Immersion Heaters: The flange is used to get hairpin tubular elements welded into it; another side of tubes are connected to a power outlet. Tank wall contains a matching flange, so the heating system is welded into it. Different flange sizes are available in the market depending upon the requirement. It is a commonly used system for uniform heating. One of the benefits is that it can be easily detached from the tank, so cleaning these heaters is not a hassle.

B. Submersible Heater

This particular heater, as the name indicates, can be immersed directly into the tank with the fishes. The only thing that should be considered before random placement of the heater is that it should not come in the way of the fishes. It should also not be in direct investment with substrates of any kind.

C. In-Line Heater

This type of heater can be attached within the filters or in between the wall of the aquarium and the filtration system. The reason it holds significance in the market is because of its efficiency to provide its service in large tanks.

D. In-Sump Heater

They are similar to the in-line heaters in terms of their services, but they are different in the aspect that their placement is not identical. They can be installed into the sump system, which adds additional space in the tank for other relevant things.

E. Substrate Heater

They are comprised of heating coils which may be placed under the substrates. They are not as common as one would determine them to be in the market as they are inefficient in providing the required service from their source. However, they are reliable for smaller tanks.

Best Aquarium Heaters: What to Look for?

There are things that you should consider before opting for the purchase of the aquarium heater. Yes, there exist needs that go with the fish tank and the fishes, but there is a status of customization that cannot be ignored. However, with relevance to your budget and your needs, you should conduct enough research to make your purchase easier.

We’ve listed the factors most essential to an aquarium heater, but it is your job to see to these factors and explore how they would affect your fishes and the conditions of the fish tank in which they live. Applying the necessary research, you would be able to guide yourself through with the help of these contributing factors.

1. Power

It is a significant aspect to take into account because this is the method through which the fishes would be able to get accommodated towards the temperature efficiency. Aquarium heaters come in a very diverse form of settings that may be associated with different voltage power.

The average power output that is obtained from the heaters may go to 25W to 300W without being subjected to damage. But, there is that concept of the higher the power; the more heat it would generate, the calmer the fishes would be in terms of the radiating warmth.

There are many brands of aquarium heaters that have multiple ranges of heaters, each respective to the need that would fit your aquarium best. Because too much power can generate a comparatively large amount of heat for a small tank, it becomes an integral factor in choosing the best aquarium heater.

This adjustability allows the owner to power the tank according to the way he sees fit and is optimum for the fishes that have to live with the resulting atmosphere. They do provide charts or sheets that represent a calculated value of the power that a tank can typically accommodate. Through such sheets, you can easily calculate the amount that will serve your tank best.

It is significant because the low powered heaters may not be able to provide an efficient heat supply necessary for the fishes in a large tank, while high powered heaters in a smaller tank may overheat and kill the fishes residing peacefully in the tank.

2. Placement Of The Heater

Another thing that you should consider while purchasing the heater is whether or not the heater is submersible because this particular feature directs the placement of the heater which needs to be put efficiently. The reason why is that any direct contact with the heater could result in potential harm to the fishes.

But also, any indirect contact with the heater through substrates may damage the lifestyle of fishes which is why it is necessary that it be placed under optimum conditions, within the right boundaries.

For immersible heaters, the ideal placement is to attach them with the aquarium filtration system that carries the cleaning of the tank. As the clean water will pass through the heater, it would not just be clean but also according to the optimum condition that is the required temperature – this enables uniformity in temperature across the water, which is essential because any unevenness may result in harm to the pets.

For in-line and in-sump heaters, the necessary placement is far more comfortable; you can install the in-line heater with the line following from the filtration system while the in-sump can be placed within the sump system.

For submersible heaters, their placement is rather different when compared with the others because they are to be directly immersed within the water. To ensure that it is submerged is not the main thing but to be assured that it is immersed at the right place is important because there need to exist an even distribution of the heat generated by the heater. This ensures that the heater is away from the substrates but still enough to provide adequate heat to the fishes.

3. The Material Of The Tank

The material of the tank is an important factor to consider while purchasing the aquarium heaters. Some of the best fish tank heaters have the specification to direct their materials towards quality use. The reason you should consider this factor is because the material of the heater specifies the durability of the hater which in turn saves your money and time for the future, your budget will not have to face an unexpected dent.

Apart from this apparent reason, there remains the fact that if any potential damage were to occur within the heater, the heater would most likely explode or initiate destructive phases within the environment encompassing the fishes. This would only radiate harmful factors for the fishes.

A lesser-known fact, but essential for persons to know is that the heaters that are widely available in eth market are mostly compatible with glass tanks. For a plastic tank that may be under the ownership of the people, this factor is highly important because plastic tanks can easily be reduced to nothing through heaters and fishes need the optimum conditions for their healthy survival.

The plastic disorientation would not only destroy your tank but also ruin the living environment for the fishes as they can be potentially harmed from this effect. However, the result can be reduced, and you do not have to worry about your money wastage if you know what to do with it.

All you should do is create an insulating film between the walls of the plastic tank such that the heat does not radiate towards the walls. This factor should be considered for any tank that is not glass because there are other aquariums made of other materials in the market.

4. Temperature

The aquarium heaters that are designed come in specific temperature ranges through which the specificity of the heater is determined. With every range, there exists a group of fishes that are comfortable with that specific range, which is why this factor is incredibly important.

It might be possible that a particular condition might result in fatal conditions for a fish that you might have put in the aquarium. It only results in the death of an innocent animal, which is why you should be extra precautious while dealing with such things.

Hence, while buying the heater that you think is the best for your fish tank, you should acquire the temperature range that is destined for that particular heater.

Many brands come with the heaters that have an adjustable temperature range, which is the ideal outcome you can have in the market and which can produce ease and comfort with modification and alteration of the temperature.

This is because the fishes that you buy initially may require companions, leading to you continuously modifying your aquarium.

5. Submersible

The heaters that are mostly available in the market are usually required to be submerged in the water. Hence, if you were to possess a small tank and hastily bought a heater that was larger in length, there would occur increased inaccuracy in the heat distribution. To ensure your money isn’t wasted, determine the size of your tank along with the range of the heater.

You can also improvise with the heater you have already bought by altering the placement of the heater; however, the even distribution of heat should not be ignored as it is the main service of the heater. You can always use an alternative option by purchasing an immersible heater.

The reason why the submerging plays an effective role in the purchasing factors is that while the heater is submerged, it tends to create an even layer of the optimum temperature required by the fishes. If this temperature is not evenly distributed, the fishes might become accustomed towards a certain spot that might be different than the other spots. This alteration in temperature could produce a fatally negated effect over the fishes.

Tips While Using the Best Fish Tank Heater

  • Look for the best quality heater that has all the required specifications for your needs and has great reviews.
  • Make sure that you cleanse the heater periodically— not much to damage its working but enough to prevent algae from inhabiting the heater.
  • Be considerate of the placement of the heater and avoid sunlight from directly hitting the heater as it could alter the stability of the heat management.
  • While changing the water of the tank, make sure to use a drip system from a bucket to ensure that the temperature of the new water is equal to the water that is currently present in the tank.
  • Be considerate of the lights that are put inside the aquarium because some lights tend to produce a heating effect that may modify the heat of the already warm water.
  • Heaters tend to degenerate concerning their function and efficiency. To ensure quality service, try changing the heater every year such that the heating system is not malfunctioned.
  • With submersible heaters, they are functioned to stop working when they are not placed properly in the water. This function is often accompanied by a sensor present in the heater which directs the owner to replace it. But with heaters that do not possess this feature, you must ensure that the placement is correct such that it does not fail to offer its service.

Top 13 Best Aquarium Heaters 2022 

1. Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (Fully-Submersible, Shatterproof Design) from 25W to 300W

Cobalt Aquatics Best Aquarium HeaterThis is one of the best aquarium heaters out in the market because of its reliable neo-therm quality that allows the responsiveness of the temperature to be set within the required limit.

The heater carries a beautiful Super-flat design that makes it customary for the tank’s attraction. It does not distract the viewer, and thus, the focus and highlight remain the beauty and serenity of your fish tank.

It is fully submersible, which means you do not have to worry about its complex installation, modern design for an energy-efficient aquarium and terrarium heating.


  • It includes reversible holster/bracket, which allows the heater to face inward or outward so that the customization of the product can be left in your hands. It comprises of a one-touch system that is precise and offers its services in making it easy for the maintenance and start-up to occur.
  • What is an easy installation without a simple operating process? Set the temperature between 66-96°f with one touch and the neo-therm electronic thermostat will maintain Tank temperature within +0.5°F.
  • LED displays both set the temp and actual temp, simultaneously, which is an amazing feature for the best aquarium heater as the display is what will direct you to change and modify per the needs of the fishes.
  • Ultimate safety and reliability so that you needn’t worry about hurting your pet fishes. Integrated thermal protection circuitry prevents the occurrence of the overheating, which may commence due to some malfunction. This can be prevented through this heater as it is automatically turned off due to neo-therm even if you don’t remember to turn it off manually. It can even be termed as durable, if you may, because of the quality material that comprises the neo-therm. It is manufactured in Poland, where its quality was assessed to be made break-proof and shatterproof.

2. Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater with Digital Thermostat, IC Temp Controller

Hygger Titanium Tube Submersible Pinpoint Aquarium Heater with Digital Thermostat, IC Temp ControllerThe Betta Tank Heater is fully submersible in water horizontally with two suction cups can be easily mounted on a tank. It is advised that it be placed near the filtration system where the outflow of water can directly be heated to maintain even distribution.

You will not have to worry about the best fish tank heater going to the rails because the whole system of the fishes will be under the same temperature to not harm the fishes.

The heater comes with an adjustable heating range that can be transitioned from high to low based on the specificity of the fishes, saving you the trouble to install it time and again.


  • The Titanium Heater is completely shatterproof as there is no glass in the construction– it’s made from heavy-duty, durable Titanium. This is an amazing feature as the reliability is not the only benefit occurring but also the fact that the glass could break and leave shards to harm the fishes. Due to the great characteristic that enables it to be anti-corrosive, the heater can be installed in any of the tanks you possess, be it saltwater or freshwater; you can cater to your demands with this heater.
  • It carries a build-in external electronic thermostat; it has an LCD that displays the temperature of the water tank such that any alteration can immediately and efficiently be catered to, without having to put a thermometer inside. The heater will stop heating when the temperature rises exactly to your desired temp. Heating temperature ranges from 32 to 104°F, and the control accuracy is +/- 0.5° C.
  • It is suitable for aquariums which can accommodate around 10-25 gallons of water and allows easy adjustability. This characteristic is important as it directs the setting of a suitable temperature.

3. Fluval E Electronic Heater

Fluval E Electronic HeaterDual temperature sensors provide accurate and real-time water temperatures. It is equipped with a slim bracket that allows not just an easy installation process but also a safe and attractive option that is also accompanied by a colored alerting system.


  • This particular heater is efficient for aquariums that can accommodate around 100 gallons of water. It comes with a five-year warranty, enabling you to replace parts of the heater or buy an alternative when the need arises, because the warranty is associated for five long years, ensuring quality service.
  • The incredible LCD system displays the heating range of the tank’s temperature so that you get an idea of whether the temperature is suitable for the fishes inside the tank. Furthermore, with the efficient heating system, you will not have to worry about it distributing the heat unevenly as it is built with an automatic system where the heat will be reduced if it reaches the maintained temperature range. Moreover, the fact that it possesses a safety guard for the fishes only enhances its services towards the owner in the respect that it will not damage the one thing for which you are installing the heater.

Steps for use

  • Place the heater as per your specific need, either vertically or in a horizontal position, and hold the suction cups against the wall so that they can be attached successfully.
  • Let the heater get accustomed to the water for around 20 minutes before you decide to plug it in.
  • After the 20 minutes have passed, make sure to plug the heater in clearly such that there is no fluctuation with its power supply.
  • The incredible thing about this heater is that it goes through experimental procedures which checks the features, the circuit operation and heating system that will be directed towards the tank to ensure it has been of the quality the manufacturer promised.

4. Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater With Electronic Thermostat

Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater With Electronic ThermostatThis amazing heater comes with a brilliant feature of indicator lights that display a red color when the heating is generated and a green light to show that the optimum temperature for the fishes has been reached.

The heater has a built-in electronic thermostat to automatically maintain water at 78° F, which is ideal for most tropical fish. No adjustment is required.


  • This submersible heater comes suitable for tanks that can fill up to 10 gallons of water, so you shouldn’t worry about its size. Its small footprint makes it easy to conceal behind plants or another décor.Tetra’s HT line of heaters are extremely convenient to plug and can be used in aquariums holding 2 to 55 gallons. The heaters have electronic thermostats that automatically fix the temperature to keep water at a constant 78 degrees F. All HT heaters come with indicator lights to notify that the heating is on.
  • These heaters have an automated system programmed to shut off when they detect a short circuit somewhere inside the operation to ensure that the fishes, along with yourself, are safe. Moreover, it is recommended that the heaters be utilized with tanks that carry a lid or canopy so that the heat does not evaporate and the services of the heater go to waste.

5. Freesea Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Heater with LED Temperature Display (50-300Watt)

Freesea Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Heater with LED Temperature Display (50-300Watt)It carries an automated temperature ranging system that is programmed to stop heating when the water temperature reaches a specified temperature value, and restarts when the temperature drops.


Touch button, cyclic adjusts the temperature that makes it not only easy for installation but also easy to use and is warranted by the safety.

Apart from the obvious, the best fish tank heater is also accustomed with durability that directs it for use for years to come. The application that it offers is not just beneficial but regarding the requirements that the fishes carry.

The heater comes with a whopping 12-year warranty such that you do not have to worry about using the quality heater. This is an amazing feature as you can rely on the company’s services, and if they do not deliver, you can ask for replacement of the parts or the product itself to assure quality service.

Steps for use

  • Temperature control switch box should be higher than the water surface.
  • To get the best performance of heating the aquarium, we suggest using a wavemaker at the same time as heating to support water circulation.
  • The heater should be completely submerged in the circulating water to work properly.
  • Please check whether this product uses a matching power grid voltage (110V/60Hz).
  • Turn off the power supply for 10 minutes before cleaning the tank or maintaining the heater.
  • The power socket for the heater must have a broken circuit switch.

6. Hitop PTC Submersible Aquarium Heater

Hitop PTC Submersible Aquarium HeaterThis heater is a classic example of simplicity at its best. This heater is small, compact, and reliable. It is a lethal combination; we know, right! You also have an option to choose from three 300W options, 100W, 50W depending upon the power that you need. Material is non-glass and made of PTC element.


  • As it’s not made from glass, the danger for this heater getting fired or breaking is not upon which your serene mind has to ponder. It is one of the best aquarium heaters with longer durability and safety precaution added.
  • It comes with a temperature control system that prohibits the heater from overheating. So worrying about heater going above the temperature is useless. The temperature sensor will lower or turn on the heater automatically to keep the set temperature maintained throughout the day.
  • Temperature range is between 61°F to 90°F, which covers a suitable range for most fishes. If you still want to keep an eye on the temperature, it comes with an add-on thermometer, so you read temperature anytime you want.
  • As mentioned earlier, one option is of 300W, which is the best fish tank heater for a larger volume of water (around 120 gallons per se). If you are a fan of the fish community and want a bigger aquarium, then this is the best option.
  • 300W heater can also be utilized for a turtle tank with a protective case. It is the best saltwater heater when fully submerged.
  • Officially available with a 1-year warranty, the company also provides full customer support in case of any query or complaint, so you are not on your own after the purchase.


  • To avoid dry-burning, always keep the heater completely submerged in water; otherwise, severe damage is inevitable.
  • Keep it clean. That’s the basic precaution to take as even best aquarium heaters cannot function properly without good care and cleaning.
  • Let the heater rest and get accommodated with the room temperature initially. Do make sure to turn it off and let it cool before pulling it out of an aquarium.
  • Be careful of temperature knob and never pull it off outward. It can cause damage to the heater, which will probably result in malfunction.

One of the good things about this heater is that it is eye-pleasing and very compact, so it doesn’t bother the tank fishes. Trust us; they won’t try to kick it out of the tank. HITOP heater is made keeping in mind the heating elements, the best material for delicate tanks and safety issues.

It doesn’t heat up in normal condition due to temperature control. It is compatible with both fresh and saltwater. It is made up of oxidized ceramic shell which is not harmful to aqua-marine life and also works as a protective case.

Box comes with complete accessories. It includes heater, thermometer and suction cups (4 in total) so two extra cups can be utilized as spare. The potential risk of breaking can be avoided with its ceramic protective coating.

The price point is between USD 25-30, which is not bad considering all the features and materials of which it is made.


7. ViaAqua 300-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat

ViaAqua 300-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In ThermostatFully submersible, one of the best aquarium heaters in the glass material. It is break-resistant, so we think this is a very good option if you are looking to buy an aesthetically pleasing glass heater which is also durable.

Made from high-quality material, this heater is easy to install and can be up and running in a few minutes only. ViaAqua is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

You also have the option of using different suction cups’ sizes as per your requirement. It is a power-duty heater with 300W power. So if you have a giant fish tank and need a gorgeous heater, this should be your choice.

ViaAqua is the best saltwater aquarium heater if you are considering a product made with glass. Glass is scratch-resistant and not very thick, so it’s not something that will bother fishes or you for that matter.


  • High-quality material is used for its glass body. Usually, the main concern with glass body type is breaking or cracking, but this one does provide protection against that.
  • No need to worry about any malfunction as it can be fully submersed and work perfectly fine for a long time period.
  • The heater comes in different sizes according to your needs such that you have options of suction cups to choose.
  • Temperature setting is easy with a built-in thermostat. It has a visible temperature setting, so you have a clear picture every time you want to check.
  • This the best aquarium heater if you have both salt and freshwater tanks. It works perfectly fine with both types with the same level of performance.
    Temperature adjustment option is available, which comes in handy with changing seasons.
  • Material is not only break-resistant, but it is also water-proof with a double glass wall that provides insulation and keeps leakage from happening.
  • It has a water level line for visibility. You can always check the ratio of water required to keep it fully submerged.
  • The internal heating core or coil is made up of ceramic material which provides even heating throughout the coil. Heat is dispersed evenly in the aquarium.
  • The power button also has indicator lights which show on/off cycle. It’s easier to know if your kid has mistakenly turned it off just by checking the indicator.
  • The heating element is very strong with 300W option.


  • Till now we have talked about 300W option, but that doesn’t mean other models are not available. So let’s talk about other options as well.
  • If you have a fishbowl with around 50 Liters or 13 gallons, then the 50-watt version will work best for you.
  • If your tank has a water level of around 100 Liters or 25 gallons, then best fish tank heater is 100-watt one
  • Get a 200-watt version ViaAqua heater if you are considering a tank with the water level of 200 Liters or 50 gallons
  • 300 watt is for the huge volume of water level. Usually, if you have a big, beautiful window size aquarium all kinds of colorful fishes. It covers water level of 300 Liters or 80 gallons

The company provides a one year warranty keeping in mind that you don’t damage it deliberately. Basic precautions can easily allow you to use it way over a year. Regularly clean it, try to give it a rest a cycle of heavy usage. Though it’s a break-resistant glass material, don’t hold your breath over it. Take care of it and try to keep it out of kids’ reach.


8. Finnex Temperature Controller Digital Heater

Finnex Temperature Controller Digital HeaterOne of the best fish tank heater with digital visibility in the market right now. It is a power-house with heating elements up to 800W. A good feature of this heater is that it comes with a digital screen, so the controlling temperature is easier.

You don’t have to over-analyze if heating is right or not as the digital display is always in front of you to check and confirm.

It can be used between temperature ranges of 67-92 Degree Fahrenheit. It has protection and alarm system, so in case overheating, it will activate automated signals to bring temperature under control.

This 800W heater has a heavy-duty system so big aquarium owners can try this option. It provides even distribution of heat throughout the aquarium, so temperature instability is not an issue in big fish tanks anymore.


  • It is a good option for heating elements up to 800 watts, which can cover a good amount of water level.
  • Digital LED display provides controls with precision like never before. Every setting is on display, so setting based on estimations is not required with this one.
  • With controlled water temperatures, your fishes can swim in a safer and warmer environment, which is uniform throughout the area of the aquarium.
  • It has a dual relay system which works internally to provide an additional level of protection. This system allows disabling heating in case of overheating.
  • Heater tubes perform exceptionally well with three-prong power receptors connected with this heater.
  • The company sells controllers and heating elements separately so you can choose as per your need.
  • It also has a memory saving option so you can resume settings on any aquarium you want.
  • For advanced fish tank system, this is a best aquarium heater option available online.

9. U-pick Aquarium Heater with Extra Thermometer, Submersible Fish Tank Heater with Adjustable Temperature 100W

U-pick Aquarium HeaterU-pick has been there in the market for quite some time, and they keep improvising to bring out the best aquarium heaters now and then. The latest edition is durable, easy to use, and long-lasting. What else do you need? Oh, let us tell you about all the features it has. The lifetime value has increased for this heater. It is more protected and the material used is high quality, so breaking it will need quite an effort.

Two safety features that it has are shatterproof and blast-proof. Both of which are essential and usually not found in other heaters. Considering this, it is one of the best fish tank heater available out there right now. Edges and wall of heater are not rigid, so it doesn’t irritate or scald your animals. The package also includes a free thermometer, so checking the accurate temperature is not a hassle anymore.


  • Upgraded features have been added after thorough research and customer feedback on old versions. It now works more accurately and with précised settings. This allows for the lifetime of the product to be increased. Improvisation is what makes it the best aquarium heater.
  • This heater is made from Quartz, which is high-quality glass and unbreakable for most of the accidents that might occur in your household. The company claims this heater to be shatterproof and blast-proof. This also prevents electricity leakage or hazards that it might cause to marine creatures.
  • It comes with a free thermometer so you can read tank temperature at any time. This makes sure to avert it from overheating or freezing. A constant and uniform heating environment will not only be good for the heater’s life but also will prolong the life span of fishes.
  • It has a protective container around its double-sealed anti-melting mechanism which protects internal parts of the heater as well as protects fishes from getting scalded.
  • It is compatible with both fresh and saltwater due to its uniform heating system. A warm and safe environment can be created in both types of tanks.
  • It is equipped with an intermittent control system to avoid overheating. Once the set temperature is achieved, it can automatically turn off to keep the temperature under that range. This allows the temperature to remain stable. Pink button on heater allows you to set the temperature between the ranges of 68°F – 94°F.
  • This is the best saltwater aquarium heater for different tank capacities. This submersible heater can be used in a tank with a low water level as 3 gallons or as large as 80 gallons. The thing that falls on your shoulders is to find a suitable power as per the tank size.
  • Uniform temperature throughout the fish tank is what’s most important here. Just a tip is to keep it near strong water flow like power filter outlet. This makes sure that temperature is stable throughout.

Aquarium heater needs to provide a proper temperature range but keep it stable and uniform. This is very important, especially in changing weather conditions. U-pick is the best aquarium heater for fishes and aquatic creatures to live a stress-free life and protect them from unwanted diseases.

U-pick works on an automated on/off controlled system. It means that if the temperature is rising above the setting, then it will turn off for some time and then turn on back. So a balance is created to provide staged heating.

It is easy to use and set controls up. With the temperature adjustment knob, you can easily tweak temperature after a simple installation. The package also includes suction cups which can keep heater intact to the tank.

It is advisable always to check if the heater is completely submerged before turning it on. If you are on a cleaning spree, then make sure to turn the heater off, wait for some time and then take it out of the tank to avoid any harm.

Avoid digging the heater into the sand. This will result in unstable heating, which will end up affecting fish life. If the room temperature is above 94°F, then the aquarium heater will stop working to maintain a balance.


10. Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater, 100W/150W/200W/300W Fish Tank Heater with Adjust Knob Thermostat 2 Suction Cups and Free Thermometer Suitable for Marine Saltwater and Freshwater

Orlushy Submersible Aquarium Heater, 100W 150W 200W 300W Fish Tank Heater with Adjust Knob Thermostat 2 Suction Cups and Free Thermometer Suitable for Marine Saltwater and FreshwaterIf you have an average aquarium size of about 50 to 80 gallons, I would recommend this highly effective aquarium heater. Orlushy Submersible Aquarium heater is available in 100 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts and 300-watt variants which are 11 inches long.

Hence, it fits perfectly in most of the aquariums. The voltage is about 110-120 volts. The heat management is done automatically.

Hence, it can be the perfect one to control the temperature for your fishes. The power cord of the Orlushy Submersible Heater is quite longer than usual and is about 6ft. You have to choose the right fit for your aquarium’s length. Below are the sizes available for the heater:

1. for a 15-30 gallons aquarium: heater length: 9 inches, 100 watts.

2. for a 30-50 gallons aquarium: heater length: 9.5 inches, 150 watts.

3. for a 40-60 gallons aquarium: heater length: 11 inches, 200 watts.

4. for a 50-80 gallons aquarium: heater length: 11 inches, 300 watts.


  • The heater has a knob to control or adjust the temperature manually. You can adjust the temperature of the water at small intervals of time based on the external room temperature and the water. The temperature of the water also depends on the fishes. Hence, for the breed you have you have, make sure you read up online about the perfect water temperature that is best suitable to them.
  • Another functional feature about the product is that is explosion-proof. The 2mm solid quartz glass makes sure the heater remains intact and doesn’t get damaged due to the heat transfer. It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. The compact body of the heater makes it easier for you to hide it in the aquarium’s base, so your fishes have no risk of damaging it or getting injured.
  • The range of temperature of this heater is between 68°F to 89°F. Hence, you have complete control over the climate of your aquarium. The unit of adjustment is 1 degree Fahrenheit. The thermostat of the heater is super reliable and ensures uniformity in temperature across the fish tank. When the temperature is maintained, it trips automatically and then turns on when the temperature goes down.
  • The body of Orlushy Submersible Aquarium heaters has a thermal shatter-resistant body made from quartz glass. It can take shock or impact, which makes it a super durable choice for you. Until the heater trips, the power indicator light stays lit. You can place the heater in your fish tank both horizontally on the base or vertically against a wall. Due to its 6 foot reliable cord, it can be used in saltwater tanks too. The automatic safety feature shuts the heater when the body is overheating; hence, it protects both itself and the fishes. You can also use it in mineral water and tropical waters.

11. Boxtech Submersible Aquarium Heater 50W/100W/300W – Explosion-Proof Automatic Digital Control Water Fish Tank Thermostat, Heat-Resistant Quartz Made for 5-80 Gallon

Boxtech Submersible Aquarium Heater 50W 100W 300W - Explosion-Proof Automatic Digital Control Water Fish Tank Thermostat, Heat-Resistant Quartz Made for 5-80 GallonBoxtech Submersible Aquarium Heater is one of my personal favorites because of the safety features it offers your fishes. This reliable heater comes in three different variants, each suitable for a different size of a fish tank.

1. for a fish tank of 5 to 10 gallons, 50 watt is the perfect variant.

2. For a fish tank of about 10 to 30 gallons, 100 watt is the variant for you.

3. If your fish tank is above 30 gallons and below 80, 300 watt is the one for which you should opt.

Boxtech is one of the most renowned brands of a fish tank and their accessories. They produce amazing fish tank accessories such as valves, pumps, thermometers, suction cups, heaters, and a lot more. Their products are of high quality and extremely reliable for you to trust with your fishes.


  • This submersible aquarium heater has a Precision IC in it combined with a double loop circuit. The body is specially designed to manage temperature protection. It is explosion-proof and controls the heating through auto protection. Hence, it is a completely safe choice for your fishes. The temperature control of Boxtech heater is extremely accurate, and you can control the temperature in unit degree Fahrenheit. The precise manual and automatic temperature control would give you the liberty to adjust the temperature at different intervals of the day.
  • Another amazing feature of this heater is its cooling recovery safety protection. It has a water temperature sensor attached to its IC circuit that helps to control the air and prevent overburning and heating around the body of the heater. The double-coated quartz tube helps in keeping the fishes safe from the heater. It is engineered with special milky Quartz which is explosion proof and is reliable in saltwater as well. You can also use this heater in tropical or mineral waters.
  • The voltage of the heater is 110 volts, and the frequency is 50 HZ. There are LED light indicators that light up when the heating is turned on. It is red. However, the temperature range of the heater isn’t super wide and is between 22 to 32 degree Celsius with a temperature exactness of 1 degree Celsius. The maximum depth of the heater is limited to 50 CM. It also has an extra precise thermometer which is fully submersible. The heater is extremely easy to use.

1. You have to place the heater’s rod near the tank’s base and fix the suction cup with the cylinder wall.

2. Check the power controller and adjust the temperature manually according to the requirement of your fishes.

3. Use the knob to maintain the temperature.

4. Keep the heater horizontally placed near the corner of your fish tank around the way out of water flow. It has to be fully submerged in the water.

5. Keep on the indicator lights. It turns off when the temperature is uniform across the fish tank.

This heater isn’t recommended to be used horizontally. Always use it in clean water and cut the power off before placing. The power cord is about 5.5ft and has to be fully submerged in the water.


12. Hydor In-Line External Heater – Original ETH

Hydor In-Line External Heater - Original ETHIt is a good fairly priced aquarium heater specifically reliable for marine and tropical waters. What I especially admire about this product is that it is extremely easy to use and plugin.

It has high precision and manual temperature control. The knob outside it changes the temperature for 1 degree Celsius. It has a half-inch hose, and the overall weight is about 12 ounces. The dimensions are 4 x 4 x 12.5 inches.


13. Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (Fully-Submersible, Shatterproof Design) from 25W to 300W

Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm HeaterThis aquarium heater is relatively suitable for larger fish tanks because it comes in various sizes that are best fit for huge fish tanks. However, it also has variants available for small size fish tanks. Below are the sizes it is available in:

1. For a small fish tank of 6 gallons, you can get the 25-watt variant.

2. For a 12 gallon, 50 watt is the right one.

3. For a 20-gallon fish tank, 75 watt is the variant.

4. For 29 to 30 gallons, 100 watt is the variant for you.

5. 200W can be accommodated within a 40-gallon tank

6. For larger tanks of about 55 gallons, 200 watts if the variant for you.


  • Besides the wide variety in sizes, there are various other functionalities of this power heater that makes it one of my absolute favorites. The body is engineered with a super flat design and is completely submersible. It is extremely energy efficient and has terrarium heating. It has a reversible holster and bracket that lets your heater point both inward and outwards.
  • It has a super-efficient one-touch system that can set the temperature between 66 to 96 degree Fahrenheit. One of the unique features is neo therm electronic thermostat that ensures uniformity in the temperature across the fish tank. Another unique aspect about the heater is that unlike most heaters, it gives you +0.5 degree Fahrenheit. The digital screen on it shows target temperature and current water temperature.
  • The body is integrated with the thermal protection circuit that ensures the heater is prevented from burning its walls. For instance, if you forget to turn it off, the neo therm technology in it automatically turns it off.
  • The glass used in its design is super reliable and durable. It is a thermoplastic heater with a shatterproof outer cast. The heater comes with a 3-year warranty.
    The heating capability is extremely accurate, and you rise above 3 degrees Fahrenheit over the surrounding temperatures.
  • The strong and reliable body of the heater is explosion-proof and hence, extremely safe for your fishes. There is no chance of the body heating up to double thermoplastic coating. It can be fully submerged, and you can place it vertically with the wall of the fish tank or horizontally with the base of the fish tank. There are three indicator lights in the fish tank; it identifies if the heating is on, along with the current and set temperatures of the fish tank.

Best Fish Tank Heaters – What’s Your Pick?

While buying a fish tank heater, there are various generic features that you need to keep in mind. These include if the heater is submersible or not, how durable the body is and what placements can you use it in. However, other major factors depend on your particular requirement. Such as, some fishes require saltwater to survive. Hence, you have to look for a fish tank heater which is durable in saltwater.

Most of the averagely priced heaters available in the market, generally get their bodies damaged after a few months of being placed in a saltwater talk. Similarly, the size of your fish tank is another particular factor. You need to be sure that your heater’s power is capable of heating the volume of your fish tank. For this, make sure you have always read the size to power chart thoroughly.

Another extremely important feature to look for in your fish tank is how smooth and well designed the body is. Make sure it doesn’t damage the health of your fishes. The heater should be able to be submerged both vertically and horizontally depending on the requirement and comfort of your fishes.

I have listed down a few products available in the market that I have used or have known to be efficient. However, you can always do your research and ensure that all your requirements are met. Just make sure you read the reviews thoroughly and buy the best possible fish tank water heater. Try always choosing a reliable and renowned brand for your fish tank to avoid any short circuits, damages, or explosions.