Best Small Fish Tanks 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Tetra LED Half Moon 2. Aqueon LED MiniBow 3. GloFish


The arena of best small fish tanks is not dominated by your usual everyday goldfish bowl anymore. There are a host of different types of aquariums that are equally interesting and provide for a better visual. One does not need to necessarily stick to the classic fish tank type.

There are good things and bad things about having your fish stay in a small set-up. If it goes well then it could create a lovely environment for the fish, but if it does not, then it will ruin the entire experience and the fish will easily die because they do not get proper care. The best thing about small fish tanks is the very fact that they are so easy to keep. Most people can maintain them without any hassle.


They do not require the kind of maintenance that larger aquariums usually demand. The type of material that small fish tanks are made of are also aplenty. You may opt for the usual glass fish tank. But lately, even fish tanks in acrylic are being sold.

However,if you have kids in your house, it is better that the acrylic tanks have a lot of support on the base to stand on their own. Both acrylic and glass tanks have their ups and downs. It is honestly a personal choice and depends on one’s needs and interests. It is to each their own.

Setting up a large aquarium can be a really tiresome job and requires a lot of additional paraphernalia. Small tanks, on the other hand, are quite easy and convenient to handle. They could be perfect for a funky looking piece in a reception, or even in someone’s room or loft.

The best small fish tank has one good thing about it – it barely takes up any space, not causing any hassle anywhere. A lot of buildings also have rules along the lines that one cannot keep animals in the building. Such rules, however, do not apply to fish tanks. This is also another aspect of considering these highly versatile and low maintenance pets. They remain very fuss free.

However, make sure you are aware of the fact that just because it is a small tank, it does not mean it doesn’t require work at all. It is not the case that one can leave the small tank unattended for very long periods of time.

Another thing to note is that sometimes it is a lot more complicated to take care of a small fish tank than a large one. In fact, toxins build up faster in a smaller tank. Furthermore, it is easier to fix errors in larger tanks than in smaller ones. So pick accordingly.

Smaller tanks also require you to pay attention to them more constantly and keep checking on them. The possibility of fixing any damage is better in larger aquariums as the amount of water is more. In the case of smaller aquariums, the scope for damage is slightly higher.

The water will start to get ruined, and fatally affect the condition of the fish too. So, you need to regularly change the water even if you have a small fish tank.

The best nano aquariums would be ones which are small enough to not become overpowering in an area, but also large enough that it meets the basic needs of the fish.

When buying a fish, you also need to keep the species of the fish you are buying in mind. While a lot of fish need a large amount of space in tanks to survive, some other types of fish can make do with smaller spaces.

Make sure you do your background on what kind of environment a particular type of fish lives best in.

Factors To Consider Before Getting the Best Small Fish Tank

1. What Type Of Environment Does Your Fish Want?

There are a lot of fish which need freshwater to live, and some require saltwater. A lot of them live happier when in groups (and note that you cannot bring these for a small fish tank because the number of fish will be small).

The kind of fish you should look for when building a small fish tank are the ones that are more tolerant to altering water conditions. You would also want to look at fish that are very resilient. Understand that a lot of times, people end up keeping just one solitary fish in a small fish tank or bowl.

So in cases like this, the fish needs to be able to sustain on its own. Which is why you need to pick species that are more dependent and adaptable than the rest. The kind of fish you bring to the tank is very important. Even the kind of small tank you pick depends a whole lot on the type of fish you want to get.

Ask yourself if there is a particular type of fish that you want. Make sure you research on whether or not it is suitable to meet the criteria listed above, then make a decision. After all, it is the environment of the fish that you are picking, when you decide on keeping a small fish tank.

2. Outline Your Costs

Getting a fish might not be the most expensive affair, but making sure it has a habitable environment to live in might cost a little more. Outline how much you are willing to spend on your fish tank and then pick the features accordingly.

Pick the basics that should exist in every fish tank, so that your fish lives in a reasonably habitable environment. The best small fish tank will be the one which is equipped with all the necessities and is also hassle free to maintain.

3. Create A Note Of Everything One Needs

When putting together a small fish tank, make sure you have a list of the basic things you need to get for the fish.

Whether it is gravel, or pebbles, special kind of feed or medicine, compute the costs of everything and make sure you have met the basic needs of the fish.

Top 12 Best Small Fish Tanks 2022

1. Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, Betta Fish Tank (29049)

Tetra LED Best Nano small fish tankThe general rule in case of keeping small fish tends to be to keep only one fish per gallon and half of the container. This tank is almost a gallon and a half. It also has a plastic lid and feeder attached on the top.

It is a great visual treat, and is shaped like a half circle making it easy to place upright against any wall. It also includes LED lights fitted in the bottom of the fish tank which lights up and adds to the space.

The Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium is very easy to keep. It is also ideal for first time fish keepers. Most customer reviews on Amazon have nothing but good things to say about it and highly recommend them to others.

Note that this tank is, however, just large enough for one fish.

It makes for a great showpiece in an office or a room and is ideal for smaller fish.


2. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting

Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED LightingThe good thing about this product is that it is available in a variety of sizes to choose from. The maximum being the small fish tank of 5 gallons. It has a very modern cutting edge design to it.

The Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium has a straightforward setup mechanism and also dim LED lights to light up a room. Also, it comes with its own container to make sure that the fish tank does not get scratched.

This is a foolproof way of ensuring the small tanks remain safe. The best small fish tank is one which accounts for safety and foresight during its development.

This also comes with a guide on how to set up the filtration system and the water flow system. The guide also deals with the proper food and nourishment of fish in small tanks.

Another good thing about this tank is that it is not inhumanly small, giving the fish enough space to breathe. The way these small tanks are designed, the fish will still have ample space to maneuver their way around.

The colours on this one are quite bright and make sure your overall experience with the tank is good. This is the ideal first aquarium for your child. It teaches one the basics of maintaining a fish tank and the safety aspects to be kept in mind. At the same time, it is simple enough to be used by a child.

All in all, this is a highly recommended product.


3. GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration Included

GloFish Aquarium Kit Fish Tank with LED Lighting and Filtration IncludedThis is a 5 gallon small fish tank. It is curved in shape and is interestingly made of acrylic. The background in this tank looks very unique. The whole thing has blue LED lights in the back, making it visually appealing.

The filter size on this aquarium is medium and works very efficiently. Along with the tank you also get the heater, thermometer, a couple of glo-fish plants that complement the LED lights very well, a water testing kit, etc.

All of this ensures your fish tank is well cared for. This is arguably one of the best nano aquarium option.

However, a few customers did mention that the lid on this aquarium could be a little more sturdy and sustainable.

One must make sure the filters and the batteries they use in their fish tanks are safe for the fish. Oftentimes, cheap filters and bad batteries could lead to killing of the fish due to no external doing. For this reason, the quality of the tank’s filters and batteries need to be checked properly before buying it.

It is generally a good tank, and does not give you much to worry about. This tank adds for good visual appeal with all the LED lights too.


4. Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium, Great for Goldfish, Bettas, and Other Small Fish, 1.8 Gallon

Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium, Great for Goldfish, Bettas, and Other Small Fish, 1.8 GallonThis Umbra small fish tank is built to look eye catching. It is modern and minimalistic with its white colour design that includes a whiteplastic outside and glass on the inside.

There are cuts on the plastic covering which provide a view into the glass fish tank. It is a rather visually appealing tank.

It is unlike the usual round fish bowls. This is much more taller in appearance, giving the fish more depth. The capacity of this tank is almost 2 gallons and is a good choice for small fishes that dwell in the tropics, bettas or even your goldfish.

Now the interesting thing about this is that should one buy more than one fish tank of this size, they can stack it on top of one another. This arrangement will make your entire room quite trendy and modern as well. Also, as it is longer vertically, it does not take up a lot of space and only adds to the environment.

Many have, however, complained that this is too small a size to provide a suitable living condition for any fish.
So maybe if you are not thinking of buying this as the usual living place for your fish, you could use it as a makeshift home for your fish when you clean your larger aquarium.


5. Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-GallonThe Fluval Spec III has a decently bigger space compared to the sizes that most small fish tanks offer. This is also fitted with filtration mechanisms, making this an excellent choice. The filtration is attached on the back of the tank itself.

Also, the filtration system does not look like a bad addition. Instead it is functional and stylish. The glass tank is rather hardy and rimmed with aluminium on its sides. Aside from that, this tank also boasts of good LED lighting.

A good contemporary looking design, best suited for smaller areas.

The LED lights are hung from outside the tank, so they are at a good distance from the fish to provide just the required amount of light. But it is also near enough that it lights up the tank well.


6. Koller Products 3.5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with Power Filter and LED Lighting, (AP35000BLK)

Koller Products 3.5-Gallon Aquarium Kit with Power Filter and LED Lighting, (AP35000BLK)This funky looking fish tank with a busy background has a lot of different LED colours that one can pick from, to light up their aquarium. It also has good filters attached inside that make cleaning jobs easier. Thus, you are saved from the hassle of doing it manually.

One good thing about this product is the fact that it is made out of very tough plastic. Also, the quality of the plastic is so good that one might mistake it for glass.

Owing to it being made out of plastic, it makes sure the tank remains safer if it ever falls. The problem with glass tanks being they are precarious and breaks easily. In the case of good plastic tanks, they won’t break.

So the relative safety offered here is good. The top seal of the aquarium is built in a manner that has enough points so that air comes into the fish tank. But, is also tightly sealed so that it does not open up in case of a fall.

It has a half-moon shape design and can be made to stand against a wall. It could make for good décor, owing to its colorful lights and background. This is among the best desktop aquarium available in the market.

The battery backup on this product is also better than most others.


7. Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank, 0.7-Gallon

Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank, 0.7-GallonThis tank has been designed in a unique way. One can fit one fish to three fishes in this.

There are two dividers along the whole tank. Should you want to keep a single fish, the dividers can be removed. Now the question that arises is that, why would one want to keep 3 fish divided when the dividers can be removed to turn it into one giant aquarium?

It is interesting to note that this particular fish tank is made only for the Betta fish. The Betta fish is a beautiful looking, ample tailed creature. The male species of Betta fish cannot be kept together because they are territorial creatures. They tend to fight with each other and try to harm others.

Even though female Betta fishes can live in groups, it is still recommended that Betta as a species should be kept solitary. Which is why there is a division within the same tank, allowing a person to keep more than one Betta fish.

The best small fish tank for a Betta fish should ideally meet the above specifics.

Aside from that, this fish tank offers two kinds of lighting to pick from- blue and white. The filtration system and dividers are easy to put together and operate. (Note, however, that it doesn’t come with a filter. One needs to attach the filter themselves)

The customers have liked the tank but have said that the filter system could use some working on.


8. Biorb Classic 15 Aquarium with LED Light – 4 Gallon, Silver

Biorb Classic 15 Aquarium with LED Light – 4 Gallon, SilverThis is a beautiful orb shaped fish tank. It is fashioned out of acrylic and not glass, which makes it a lot stronger than most other aquariums.

The benefit of having acrylic fish bowls are numerous. They don’t break easily and they are also clearer than glass. One doesn’t have to clean it as often as glass; it doesn’t get dirty often, and also the bowls are lighter than glass bowls.

There is also an intricate five stage filter system attached to this tank. The best small fish tank types have filter systems pre-attached in them. Because the filter system is very good, it does not require as much maintenance either. The LED lighting on this tank is more somber and low. It glows quaintly in the corner, wherever it is placed.

The good thing about it being shaped like an orb is that it facilitates the fish swimming around a whole lot more.

In tanks that are square shaped or rectangular, the solitary fish might develop things like the ‘mirror’ syndrome where it thinks there is another fish in the tank too, but it cannot feel the presence of the fish.

Most customers called it the best small tank they had ever used. It is functional and stylish. This is one product we would rate among the best small fish tanks.

All in all, this is one tank we would recommend for everyone that has a solitary fish.

There is also plenty of décor space within the tank. In fact it can contain a lot of gravel and plants, allowing you to make it a lively habitable space for your solitary fish.


9. Marina Cubus Glass Betta Kit

Marina Cubus Glass Betta KitYou may have noticed by now that a whole lot of these solitary small fish tanks are meant for the Betta fish which likes to have its own space for itself.

This one is interestingly shaped like a cube, with a round opening on the top where the light and air come in. There is also a clip-on artificial light on top of the cube in case the fish does not get enough natural light. Ideally, one must make sure there is enough natural light, but otherwise in any other case, there is the clip-on light.

The fish tank is made out of sturdy glass, and is very small. It can be placed on one’s work desk as a showpiece.

It calls itself the best small fish tank for people who keeping fish tanks for the first time. Also, it seeks to help people create a small area of calm in places like their desk, to offer a sort of escape.

Customers, however, have deemed this too small a tank for any fish. You could put in very small fish like shrimps or snails though. Its efficacy as a fish tank for the Betta has been questioned by some users. It would have been ideal had the tank been just a tad bit bigger.

On the other hand, a lot of people have successfully housed Bettas in this tank. One suggestion in keeping any kind of fish in this particular tank would be to make sure that the hole on the top of the tank should be kept covered by a woven mat or some other breathable covering.

Some have also mentioned that it is risky for the fish if the water level in the tank is high and the fish is swimming too close to the hole on top. Should one’s Betta be particularly active, it might want to leap outside and if the water level is high enough- it can do so.

Particulars like this should be kept in mind. However despite all this, the tank is fitted with most requirements for a good small fish tank and is a good buy for its price range.

We would however still recommend keeping fishes smaller than the Betta in this space.


10. SunGrow White and Blue Colored LED Light For Aquariums and Terrariums, LED Bulbs, Switch Button To Choose Light Color, Flexible Metal Arm To Adjust Lighting, Illuminate Fish Tank with Low Radiation

SunGrow White and Blue Colored LED Light For Aquariums and Terrariums, LED Bulbs, Switch Button To Choose Light Color, Flexible Metal Arm To Adjust Lighting, Illuminate Fish Tank with Low RadiationThis is a product meant for your small fish tank. One often underestimates the need for light in an aquarium. Among the necessary things to check off your list before making an aquarium, lights are an important part.

It is imperative that a fish tank gets just the right amount of light. This varies according to the weather, the type of fish and the environment that one lives in. So if one lives in a place where adequate light is not provided for, this is a good product.

Honestly, getting the right amount of natural light for one’s aquarium is very difficult; which is why most people who keep fish tanks stick with getting lights and adjusting them. The best small fish tank needs adequate amount of light.

Also, most small fish tanks are placed on office desks or other places as show pieces- it becomes an extra hassle to pick them up every day and place them in an area where they can get natural light.

For all the above reasons, an external light source, which one can easily adjust, is imperative to setting up a fish tank no matter what size it is. This is a must-have product for any small aquarium.

This particular product has been picked because it isn’t too bright or too dull. It also does not consume a lot of power and can work in power saving mode. The 24 bulbs on the light have been divided into 18 white and 6 blue lights. This provides for a very somber, stylish setup in one’s fish tank.

The light is also adjustable and rotates 360 degrees. It can be clipped onto the top of any tank. It is a versatile product which any aquarium owner must have.


11. Docooler USB Desktop Mini Fish/Small Fry Tank Aquarium with LED Clock

Docooler USB Desktop Mini Fish small Fry Tank Aquarium with LED ClockThis is a fish tank which is ideal for a desk. It also has a built in clock attached into it. Thus this is a rather functional tank. It would make for a good space for small fishes, with the amount of area that it clocks.

This is a very multifunctional fish tank. It also has a small pencil stand on the side where one can keep their stationary and other things.

Obviously it has a unique design, perfectly suited for any office space. It is functionally well equipped too- with good lighting and filters. These things make it one of the best small fish tank options out there.

The fun thing here is that it can also make different kinds of ‘nature’ sounds, should people want it. It was meant to create a sort of tranquil space in a hectic office.


12. Penn Plax Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Kit with LED Light & Internal Filter Desktop Size, 1.5 Gallon

Penn Plax Betta Fish Tank Aquarium Kit with LED Light & Internal Filter Desktop Size, 1.5 GallonThis tank meant for the Betta fish has internal filters attached to it making it more hassle free to use. The filter also uses a three stage system to make sure the water is not contaminated.

This fish tank offers a lot of depth for the fish. it also comes with attached LED lighting which one can adjust for brightness and intensity. The capacity of the tank is almost one and a half gallons.

The filter on this thing can also be replaced regularly and is not difficult to find. The tank offers almost 10 inches of depth, making it a good addition to be placed on one’s desk or as a show piece.

Another good thing about this fish tank is that instead of easily breakable glass, it is made up of sturdy plastic. The top of the tank is fashioned out of hardy plastic too, providing airspace for breathing, feeder areas for the fish- among other things.

It is very easy to set up- most important things like filters come pre-attached with it, one only has to put it together. You can start using it in a matter of minutes.


Best Small Fish Tanks: What’s Your Choice?

Hence, owning a small fish tank is a lovely experience for people who are starting out into the aquatic world. It would be great to start out being informed and with the aforementioned guidelines you are sure to have an exciting and enriching experience.

The fish tanks included in the options above have tried to cover a gamut of options. It includes most fish tanks, ranging from bowls to squared, ones made out of plastic to acrylic and even standard glass bowls.

Aside from adding to one’s space, these are also live habitats for a lot of creatures. The guidelines make sure these factors are borne in mind when making such important decisions.