Best Goldfish Tanks 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Aqueon 2. SeaClear 3. AQ


Goldfish, the magnificent beauty of the fresh waters, are considered royalty as they descend from the Prussian Carp. Its ancestors were dull silver, and the first yellow and orange colored goldfish were bred by people in China.

Nowadays, this freshwater fish comes in different colors, size, fins, and textures. It is an ideal companion for an introverted kid who likes to be indoors or an aquarist who wants to keep a variety of fishes.


When it comes to a goldfish, it is essential to know that it grows fast and needs space. It should be kept in the best goldfish tank, (not a fishbowl )containing a heater, freshwater, sand or gravel bed, and enough oxygen.

Goldfish are omnivorous by nature and will eat frogs, larvae, fish eggs, etc. Therefore, it is essential to feed them a mix of veg and non-veg diet so that they do not suffer intestinal issues and die young.

If you are a novice breeder, then feed them with pellets and small cut vegetables which are suitable for a small fish’s appetite. But as they grow, they will need living organisms for food and nutrition.

Why Do You Need a Goldfish Tank?

Goldfish are considered auspicious by some, and for others, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Unfortunately, what most people understand that a fishbowl is no place for a goldfish to live. A goldfish can grow up to the size of half the fishbowl and needs aerated water to breathe.

It is only possible in the best goldfish tank with clean water, proper temperature, and a wider surface area to get oxygen. A poorly kept fishbowl filled with ammonia sludge will reduce the life expectancy of a beautiful creature, and you won’t be able to witness the marvels of the goldfish.

If you are planning to keep a goldfish, there are few things you need to understand and then make an informed decision:

A) Goldfish lives a long life

A goldfish is a beautiful creation of God that is meant to live in fresh streams. If you are thinking of keeping one then first and foremost understand that given the right conditions it can live up to 20 years (in rare cases 50 years) and can grow up to 10inches. It is not a small fish, but if you stock it in a small fishbowl, you may lose him in 3 months. So, opt for a large size tank to give him a homely and comfortable environment.

B) Grows fast

A goldfish can grow rapidly and faster than a small fish. Generally, people follow one or two inches per gallon rule, but this rule cannot be implied to a goldfish. A full-grown or mature goldfish can be of the size of a softball, and it will need a less crowded and larger sized aquarium. It is recommended to purchase a goldfish tank of more than 10 gallons for one fish.

C) Requires more oxygen

Because it grows faster, it will need more dissolved oxygen. A small fish tank or a bowl with a small surface area will have less dissolved oxygen which will suffocate the fish. It will frequently come on the surface as the dissolved oxygen is more here. That’s why a proper goldfish tank is essential for its health.

D) Temperate, not a home fish

An ideal habitat for a goldfish is a lake or a cool stream with enough space, aerated water, and temperature not above 74°F. It is not a home fish, but if you want to breed it then keep it in clean water which is filtered frequently. It should be kept in a tank with more than 10gallon space with a temperature between 68-74°F.

E) Excretes more than other small fishes

It may surprise many breeders or fish lovers, but a goldfish indeed discharges a massive amount of ammonia. It will deteriorate the quality of water, which can lead to diseases that can reduce its life. If kept in a small bowl or tank without any filtration option, it can be a hazard for the goldfish. A large size goldfish tank will not get dirty quickly and can be maintained every fortnight with filter.

Factors To Look For When Buying the Best Goldfish Tank

1) Size

An essential factor to consider if you intend to keep a goldfish. These mesmerizing marine beauties age gracefully, rapidly and have a long life. So the size of the tank should be significant to make them comfortable and prevent frequent changing of the tank or tank water.

If you are planning to keep more than two fishes in the tank, you should ideally choose a tank of 20 gallons as it requires less cleaning. Also, it is important to consider the location of the tank; if you are planning to keep it in an office, then a large size aquarium is a perfect choice.

2) Material

Often, people get confused about whether they should opt for an acrylic tank or a glass tank. Both materials have their weaknesses and strengths; where acrylic can handle collision impact up to a level, glass is susceptible to change.

Glass won’t warp, but over time, acrylic may bend or lose its shape. Acrylic won’t leak, but the glass may leak in case of a crack. But, acrylic aquariums discolor or become yellow if exposed to the sun or if they are too old. On the contrary, the glass will never lose its color.

It is a personal preference of the person, but as glass aquariums mostly come in a rectangular shape, it gives more space to the fishes to swim.

3) Durability

Another factor to consider for the best goldfish tank is its durability. It depends on the material used to manufacture the aquarium which comes down to acrylic or glass.

Acrylic aquariums are durable than glass ones as they can handle the impact of a collision or crack; they do not leak and can tolerate the temperature. On the contrary, glass cannot handle extreme temperature fluctuations.

It is less forgiving the acrylic and will break easily. Glass aquariums are heavier than acrylic and challenging to carry. So, when it comes to durability, acrylic aquariums are considered better and long-lasting, especially when you have kids in the house.

4) Equipment

Fish keeping is not limited to owning fish and a fish tank. You need many supporting accessories like fishnet, filter tank, bubbler, stick-on thermometer, heater, food, cleaner, and many other things to maintain the aquarium.

The best goldfish tank will come along with such accessories, and it is an essential factor to consider while buying a tank. While you are scurrying through the numerous options, check the type of fittings required to maintain the tank for a long time and whether they give away these accessories or not.

If it involves a lot of accessories and does not have built-in or complementary accessories, then it is probably not the right choice.

5) Filters

A goldfish needs fresh and aerated water to survive in an aquarium. The filter’s job is to keep the tank water clean, remove the toxic waste, and maintain the pH level of the water. You don’t want your fish to swim in its waste and an aquarium filled with dirty water and foul smell.

There are two types of filters: an internal and external filter to keep the aquarium clean. The ideal one is which has a three-stage process, i.e., biological, chemical, and mechanical. It will clean the water by clearing excrement, chlorine, and other wastes. While buying a filter, also keep in mind the space it may consume.

6) Opening Of The Tank

A pro fish hobbyist will consider the opening of the fish tank as an essential factor. Fish, just like humans, need oxygen and they do swim to the surface to breathe, which is why the tank with a wider surface is considered best goldfish tank than the one with the narrow surface.

If the surface of the tank will be wider, then they will get more oxygen; hence, they can stay in water for long. But, if the tank is tall or round with a narrow surface, then its oxygen capacity will be less, and they will come on the surface frequently, causing them discomfort.

7) Fishnet

One of the skipped factors to consider while purchasing a tank. Fishnet is a tool that will help to keep your fish healthy in a clean environment. Most people think that it is used to catch the fish or ward of perpetrators, but it has multiple uses.

It helps in skimming waste material floating on the surface, waste food, sifting algae, and mosquito larvae. While choosing a fishnet, opt for the one with small holes rather than the ones with larger holes; and the mesh should not be coarse. Fins or gills of the fish can get stuck in the large holes of the net, which can harm the fish.

8) Decoration

Fish enthusiasts love to decorate the aquarium to set up a vibe. But make sure that you don’t harm the fish or use most of the space in the tank, leaving no space for the fish. Ideally, a fish tank should be spacious with clean water, but for decoration, you can add a rock, water flora, lighting, etc.

Keep in mind that lighting is done from the outside or use low profile LED lights for the growth of plants, but make sure it does not give an electric shock to the fish.

9) Gravel Siphon

If you don’t prefer sand but gravel in a fish tank, then make a gravel bed with large size rocks so that goldfish do not eat the small ones. Along with it, you need a gravel siphon as it will help to clean the aquarium by taking out the gravel.

Whenever you change the water of an aquarium, it is important to take out the gravel, and a gravel siphon will do the job. You can get an automatic or manual siphon depending on your preference and budget.

10) Thermometer

Water temperature of the aquarium needs to be stable for the health and longevity of the fish. The water temperature should be between 70-78° depending on the weather conditions, time of the day, and type of fish. A stick-on thermometer will help in tracking the water temperature frequently and accordingly adjust the heater.

11) Price

For a person who adores goldfishes, the budget will be the least of his concerns, yet it is a factor that cannot be ignored. If you are new to fish keeping, then start with one fish in a small tank. But if budget is not a constraint and you are a pro, you should opt for the best goldfish tank of considerable size and an established brand.

Top 8 Best Goldfish Tanks 2022

1. Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit 20H Black

The minimalist and contemporary design introduced by Aqueon is compact and perfect for hobbyists with space issues. The white LED lights and 10LED PRO power filter complements its sleek design and creates a calming environment for the goldfish.

Its classic style blends with all kinds of interiors, thus making it amongst the best aquariums. With a capacity of 20 gallons and a preset heater that keeps the temperature at 78°, it is ideal for tropical fish.

It comes with a complete information guide, but those attempting to DIY it may find the installation process tiring for the first time.

The glass material is used for the tank; it is sturdy, transparent, and stable. With a robust three-stage filtration process, the tank is easy to maintain and self-sufficient, which is perfect for amateurs or intermediates in fish keeping.

It comes along with essential accessories including QuietFlow 10 LED PRO Power filter, medium cartridge, 100W heater on preset mode, complimentary fish food, stick-on thermometer, fishnet, and water conditioner.

Considering the size of the tank and its capacity, one can store more than two fishes in it; decorate the aquarium with soothing lights and marine plants to make it a comfortable habitat.


  • Red LED lights on the filter are a reminder to change the cartridge. So it takes the guessing and remembering the date out of the picture.
  • Filter lets its actions speak than the sound.
  • Lightweight hood.
  • LED lights are power savers.
  • It comes up with most of the accessories needed for a fish tank.


  • The heater is undersized, considering the capacity of the tank. It is perfect for a ten-gallon tank but not twenty.
  • There is no splash guard on the LED lights, and they are integrated with the hood, which makes customization impossible.

2. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo SetSeaClear Aquarium, as the name suggests, is made of acrylic which is seventeen times harder than glass, thus making it a durable tank. It is collision-resistant and perfect for a family home with children and pets running around.

The molecular bonding of the tank makes it seamless, and the heat polishing gives it a transparent view. It is light in weight, and the sides are not edgy, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium.

What makes it the best goldfish tank? The temperature of the tank is stable, which is unlikely in acrylic tanks, but it perfect for a goldfish and is economical to run.

With a capacity of 20gallons, it is an ideal choice to have two or three goldfish as it requires less maintenance and is spacious enough to breed any freshwater or saltwater fish. It comes along with a reflector and light fixture.

The hood can hold a 20watt bulb that will help algae to grow. The fluorescent lighting gives a calming effect to the fish. The only concern is the material as acrylic is considered to warp easily, but the aquarium comes with a lifetime warranty that will help you resolve your issues.


  • It is light in weight, and chances of cracking or breaking are less in comparison to glass.
  • It is economical and energy-efficient.
  • The water lines don’t leave an impression or acrylic.
  • Effective temperature control for fish
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • After-sales service of the company is not good.
  • The hood is flimsy, and lighting cost is extra.
  • It might warp within a few months, but that is the case with every acrylic aquarium.
  • The surface area is small.
  • While feeding the fish, one has to move the light for visibility.

3. AQ LED Kit 26 Bow Blk

AQ LED Kit 26 Bow BlkThe European manufactured Aquarium is an upgraded version of the Aqueon tanks in terms of design and functionality. It comes with a Deluxe LED bow and is 44.2 pounds in weight.

The sleek and outside curve design with black seals of the tank gives a modern appeal to it and enhances the aesthetics of the place. The 26gallon tank comes with a robust filter and full hood.

There is one LED white power saver lamp and a place for another light. It comes along with almost all the accessories like a thermometer, preset heater, fish food, cartridges, water conditioner, and a fishnet. It is easy to install, and in case of difficulty, read the guidelines provided.


  • It delivers high performance and price of the tank does not burn a hole, considering its efficiency.
  • LED white lights are soothing and add to the aesthetic appeal of the tank.
  • As it comes with all the accessories, aquarists need not spend extra on accessories.
  • It is a lightweight tank that consumes less space and has a powerful filter.


  • Size or capacity of the tank can be an issue for those with more than two goldfish.

4. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED Lighting

Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits with LED LightingAre you new to fish keeping? Is taking care of a fish not something you like and are looking for a self-sufficient tank that requires minimal human effort? Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium is the best goldfish tank perfect for a single fish which does not take much space of your room.

It is a 2.5gallon aquarium with gravel filled elevated base and contemporary design. The gleaming design and invisible seams make it look beautiful, and if you add some decorations, it will brighten up the ambiance of the place.

Even though you are a newbie at fish keeping, the swift installation process won’t make you sweat as the instructions on the manual are straight forward.

It has signature Aqueon QuietFlow filtration system that unlike other filters, does not make noise. There are also low profile LED lights to illuminate the tank. The only downside of the tank is that it has an open filter that may pose a risk for the fish.

Apart from this, it is an ideal aquarium for the novice in fishkeeping looking for a compact tank that can be fit on a desk or study table. But, considering the size of the tank, you should not keep more than one goldfish.


  • A perfect tank for a single goldfish and won’t take much room space.
  • The filter is beneath the lid not under gravel or hanging on the back. Also, it does not make a sound.
  • It oozes out the current gently without making the fish conscious.
  • It is within budget and in for the long haul.
  • One can feed the fish without removing the lid every time.


  • It has an open filter which can be a death trap for the fish.
  • There can be visual distortion as the tank gets easily scratched. So you will have to adjust the tank to an angle to get a clear view.

5. Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, Betta Fish Tank

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium, Betta Fish TankA vertical half-moon with soothing LED light, fresh water, and the balanced temperature is an ideal habitat for a goldfish. It is all that Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium aspires to give.

Although the capacity of the tank is 1.1gallon which many may say is not ideal for a goldfish, the lighting of the tank is from the outside and can be moved as per your convenience.

It is a brand known for high performance and quality; the half-moon shape gives it multiple viewing angles. As it covers less space, it can be placed in an office or study room and will perfectly blend in the home décor.

Another advantage of the aquarium is that it is cordless and the batteries can be easily charged. The plastic bumps below the tank can be an issue as the light cannot be put beneath the tank.

If you want lighting from below, these plastic bumps put in front of the tank which does injustice to the aesthetics. Apart from this one flaw, it is a go-to tank for a single goldfish, but if you have a full aquatic family then avoid this tank.


  • The best thing about the tank is its exterior lighting. Interior lighting gets damaged with the water splashes if it is not protected with a splash guard which is not the case with this tank.
  • It is cordless and can be put anywhere in the office, kid’s room, or living space.
  • Batteries are chargeable.
  • It is spacious for a goldfish, and the design gives it an edge.


  • As it is a small tank, you need to change the water every week.
  • Feeding area hole is not covered.
  • LED Lights are not long-lasting.

6. Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit

Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium KitUnabashedly considered the best goldfish tank in the market, Fluval Premium Bow Front Aquarium Kit comes with the capacity of 45-gallon, ideal for both fresh and saltwater fish.

The glass aquarium is made for ample space and features low profile canopy LED Lights that sets that give a soothing effect to the fish.

It is a transparent aquarium with shock-resistant glass, mirror technology, and a powerful Fluval C4 filter. It is the primary choice of hobbyists and breeders, but if you are a novice to fish keeping, then there is nothing to worry.

The 82.1 pounds aquarium comes with necessary accessories, including a thermometer, net, food samples, and a care guide that will help the amateurs to install it easily.

The filter cleans the water with its five-stage filtration process that retains the quality of water, and as it is spacious, fish get more room to swim.

The surface opening of the tank is wide, which makes the dissolved oxygen available in abundance, thus ensuring a long and healthy life of a fish and aquatic plants.


  • It comes with a complete kit and is pocket-friendly.
  • Easy to install and has an aesthetic appeal.
  • Simple, clean, and transparent that makes it worth the value.


  • It can leak if not correctly installed.
  • If it is your first experiment with fish keeping, then you might need the help of a pro to set up the tank.

7. Umbra Fish Hotel Mini Aquarium

Umbra Fish Hotel Mini AquariumAre you looking for an Uber aquarium with an eclectic design that will enhance the interiors of your posh house or office? Umbra Fish Hotel Mini Aquarium is the ultra-modern tank for small fishes and perfect for compact spaces.

It is a removable tank that makes cleaning easy and is made of ABS plastic façade with asymmetrical windows. On the downside, it is not an ideal aquarium for more than one fish and is fragile.

The heater of the tank is not strong, and water needs to be changed every week. The apartment-style appearance of the tank can enhance the décor, but when it comes to performance, it is not the powerful aquarium.


  • It is a chick and attractive, ideal for an office or reception area.


  • It is not big enough to hold more than one goldfish.
  • It is fragile and can break easily.
  • It may leak without any scratch and lifetime of the tank is merely one year.
  • A two-star tank for the design, but it is not sustainable for a fish as the heater is not strong enough.
  • You will have to change the water weekly as the filter is not strong enough.
  • It is overpriced and does not offer the right conditions for the fish to live a long life.

8. SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Junior Executive Kit

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Junior Executive KitNeedless to say, acrylic aquariums are virtually leak-proof and break-proof; that is why they are preferred over glass aquariums. A SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Junior Executive Kit is considered the best goldfish tank because of its lightweight properties and hexagon shape which makes it kids friendly.

As it is taller, not wider, so the surface opening of the tank is small, which may pose a problem of less dissolved oxygen. Fish may have to come to the surface frequently to get aerated water. The seams of the aquarium are invisible and done with heat polishing process, which makes it a transparent tank.

It comes with all the accessories which make it a hassle-free tank for that can be operated even by children. It takes less space, and the complementary fake plants aid in the growth of good bacteria. It is a premium quality aquarium that comes along with premium quality food samples, but the hood of the tank needs improvement.


  • As it is made of acrylic material, it is lightweight, not prone to scratching and does not leak.
  • Aids in the growth of good bacteria as it comes with fake plants.
  • Hexagon shape tank comes with most of the accessories and is easy to install.
  • A premium quality aquarium at a reasonable price.


  • The opening of the tank is small that can result in less dissolved oxygen in the aquarium.
  • The light was fixed with the hood, which was flimsy, and there is no splash guard on the light.
  • The quality of the hood is poor.

Best Goldfish Tank: What’s Your Choice?

There are many misconceptions regarding goldfish keeping, which I have tried to address and remove in this guide. I have also reviewed the top eight tanks that can be an ideal habitat for a goldfish. However, it is essential to understand that a goldfish needs room to swim, breathe, and grow up to its full potential.

If not given comfortable and right climatic conditions, it can fall prey to itch and other diseases that can reduce its life to a few months or a year. So, do not blindly follow one inch per gallon rule in case of a goldfish and do not opt for a tankless than 10 gallons.

An important point to note if a goldfish is in your mind then do not overcrowd the aquarium with other marine animals. My top pick from the aquariums mentioned above is SeaClear Aquarium acrylic combo set, as it is classic, clean, and has the capacity.