Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Marine LED Glass 2. Marina LED Aquarium 3. PanaView

Getting a 5-gallon fish tank might seem like an easy feat to pull, but trust me, it isn’t always that straightforward. You might want to make your choice based on aesthetics, lighting, or your budget. Here, we will be assisting you as you make your choice of the best 5 gallon fish tank you need.

5-gallon fish tanks are of various models, with different characteristics and functions that make them unique in their own way. Some come fitted with additional equipment like a heater for temperature control, and bright LED lights for comfortable vision. While, for others, you’d have to buy them separately.


The 5-gallon buyer guides will teach you the type of fish that best suits your tank. This will help you differentiate between the suited fishes from the wide variety of fish offered by aquarium centers. There is a multitude of variation, and it is useful to have some knowledge before you go shopping.

You should know whether you want to have freshwater fish or seawater because you cannot mix both in the same aquarium. In the wild, these fish can take care of themselves, but when they are housed in an aquarium, they depend solely on you for your care and well-being. Knowing their habitats is only the first step in caring for these beautiful creatures.

Also, the buyer guide contains the types of tanks to acquire, the lighting, and more like that. Listed below are other things the buyer guide contains. With this guide, you will be able to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of different makes of this aquarium tank and make your choice of the best 5 gallon fish tank you need.

Best 5 Gallon Fish Tank: What to Look for?

First off, do you know what a 5-gallon fish tank is? A 5-gallon fish tank is a very small fish tank capable of holding small fish, of about 1.5 to 2 inches max of adults, in numbers of 2-4. They are the smallest recommended tanks where you can keep your fish.

So, you’re thinking of getting the best 5 gallon fish tank, and you don’t know what to keep an eye out for in your decision making. The following are things you should consider in your quest for the best 5 gallon fish tank.


When purchasing a fish tank, you have to check if the filter is the right size for your fish. A filter that is too powerful could blow your fish away. So, you need to consider a filter that is ideal for your fish.


This is crucial in a 5-gallon fish tank. A heater helps you keep your fish at the right temperature. This feature will come in handy, especially if you’re looking to keep tropical fish. The settings are usually between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the number of fish you have inside.


Lightning is also a key factor to be considered in your search for the best 5-gallon tank. Proper lighting can help give the fish a feeling they get in their natural habitat. The lights used are usually eco-friendly LED lights, with day-time and night-time settings to simulate day and night cycle for the fish. Lightning can also give aesthetic looks to the tank.


The base of the tank that acts as the ground is referred to as the substrate. It can either be filled with sand or gravel, depending on the type of fish that will inhabit the tank, or your preference.


After the above factors, the next thing you should look out for is plants. Keeping the right kind of plants in your 5-gallon fish tank can help you avoid the over-crowded look. For a healthier environment consisting of oxygen, adding a live plant to your aquarium is a good idea.

What Breed Of Fish?

Fish tanks are a blank canvas until you fill them with a variety of fish and decorations. The larger the tank, the bigger the screen; so you can buy bigger or smaller fish.

The type of fish you put in your 5-gallon tank depends on whether or not you choose a saltwater or freshwater aquarium.

The best freshwater fish include catfish and Oscar, while seawater fish include a variety of pufferfish, lionfish, moray eels and seahorses.

Make sure you get tips on the types of fish that you pick because some fish do not get along with each other and can not live in certain waters.

Accessories And Cabinets

Several popular fish aquarium brands, including Tetra and Aqueon, offer complete starter kits and aquarium kits with all the accessories needed to start your aquarium.

These kits are available in both basic and luxury versions. The basic kit includes items such as filter, filter cartridge, installation and maintenance guide, lighting, water conditioner, and fish food. It’s a good basic kit.

The luxury kits will also contain a water heater, thermometer, and a fishing net. When starting the fish aquarium, make sure that you have at least one fish feed and a water conditioner, preferably a basic water filter.

However, the accessories you install in your 5-gallon aquarium will also depend on whether or not you want a fresh or saltwater tank. Do you want to put real or artificial plants in your tank? What type of decoration will best suit the species you install in your aquarium?

Filters and heating combinations must also be considered, as well as biological and chemical factors. Advice is needed when you are doing a hobby of this size, but it will give you a very relaxing hobby that will be the envy of your friends.


I will try to give you a rough idea of what you need to know. However, the best advice I can give you is to consult a professional at your store.

A 5-gallon aquarium is slightly more expensive than a smaller one, but it offers many options to choose from, and how many fish you want to put in it. Also, you need to consider the shape of the tank and decide if you want it to be glass or acrylic.

Another factor to consider is where will it be placed in your home, and if it needs a rack or cabinet to house it? Cabinets provide additional storage space for homes where space is limited and a 5-gallon aquarium would require a fairly large cabinet but would provide much needed extra storage space.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Fish For A 5 Gallon Fish Tank

There are several factors to consider before choosing your best 5 gallon fish tank. This includes the dimensions of the tank, the material of which it is made, namely glass or acrylic, as well as the necessary accessories. Going through this over and over again can be very frustrating if you are just starting to take care of the fish.

When choosing the best 5 gallon fish tank, there are two major factors to consider- where you will install your aquarium, and the amount of fish you want to keep in the tank.

When considering the available space, be sure to include space for a stand if needed. Always check the tank dimensions (and bracket) with the vendor or manufacturer before making the purchase.

Although buying a 5-liter aquarium may be a good idea, be aware that it is not habitable for all fish. Certain factors must be taken into account when making your choice. Here are some factors to consider

Fish Going Into The Aquarium

The size of the fish that will live in the aquarium should be the first thing to consider. For example, any fish over 10 cm is not suitable for a 5-gallon fish tank.

Number Of Specific Species That May Be Suitable

This is where you consider the load that fish are able to put on the aquarium ecosystem. The smaller the tank, the less fish you can have in terms of ecological balance.

Fish Compatibility

All fish species cannot work well together in an aquarium. You must select compatible types for them to work together. For example, swords and mollies are compatible with each other.

Fish With A Similar Water Temperature

You would not want to pick fish with different temperature requirements. For example, you should not place a goldfish that requires cold water with a swordfish that is doing well in hot water.

Now let’s look at the best 5 gallon fish tanks that are to-rated by buyers out there…

Top 10 Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks 2022

1. Marine LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Marine LED Best 5 Gallon Fish TankThis type of 5-gallon aquarium is not only beautiful, but also offers a good view of the swimming fish due to its rounded corners. Behind the rear panel is a concealed filtration system in three stages. Also, it provides lighting for easy viewing when storing the tank.

To give fish the impression of their natural habitat, the lighting system is regulated by daylight and moonlight. White LEDs provide a replica of sunlight, while moonlight brightness is created by blue LEDs.

There is also a sliding glass right at the top of the tank which you can slide off and feed the fish. The product has a dimension of 11.8 x 11.6 x 17 inches. The tank is very easy to install and very affordable.


  • Quite easy to set up
  • Doesn’t require much room space
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Allows growing of tall plants due to its vertical arrangement


  • You’ll need to remove the tank cover to feed the fish
  • Narrow filter area; hence, difficulty in cleaning

2. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Marina LED Aquarium KitThis is a popular 5-gallon aquarium among aquarists. It is a well-built quality tank with sealed black silicone edges and a hinged lid that you can open when you want to feed your fish or clean the tank.

This tank includes not only an LED lighting system but also a water conditioner, fish food, a biological supplement, a hammock, a strap filter, and an aquarium guide. The lighting system consists of LED lamps incorporated in the awning to ensure its longevity.

The dimensions of the Marina LED Aquarium kit are 18.5 x 10.8 x 13.3 inches.


  • Easy to set up
  • Great quality
  • It has a quiet hang-on-back filter.
  • A bright lighting system.
  • Made by a company with a high reputation.


  • Not enough room for a heater.
  • Addition of personal equipment might prove difficult due to the tank’s design.

3. PanaView 5-Gallon Fish Tank

PanaView 5-Gallon Fish TankThis tank can be classified as one of the best 5 gallon fish tanks out there. The PanaView aquarium glass comes fitted with a 7-color LED lighting system which allows settings depending on what time of day it is.

Panaview 5 gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting produces excellent, extremely quiet filters while remaining highly efficient. The Edge Tank Filter is hidden, which increases the aesthetics of the tank. It uses a powerful three-phase filtration technique that cleans water using biological, mechanical, and chemical media.

This ensures that you will have clean and clear water for your minnows. A foam filter provides the first mechanical filtration by capturing small debris. Second, a carbon insert in the filter ensures that any odor or discoloration is removed from the water.

The Panaview 5 gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting is designed for keeping tropical freshwater fish and if you are a beginner, you should continue with that. However, I know that some experienced aquarium breeders have successfully converted it into a saltwater tank for marine fish.

Tropical freshwater fish, however, require higher temperatures and you will need to purchase an additional heater for your aquarium. Unfortunately, the panaview is not supplied with an integrated heater.

PanaView 5 gallon Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting offers a specially designed maintenance tool kit for the tank. It is the ideal starter kit for a beginner aquarist with a dimension of 14.25 x 10 x 11.5 inches.


  • Comes with a USB connector to allow plugging of LED light to any USB outlet.
  • Multiple color selection LED lighting system.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.


  • Not supplied with integrated heater

4. Aqueon MiniBow LED Kit

Aqueon MiniBow LED KitIf you’re looking out for sleekness in design, then this is the best 5 gallon fish tank for you. Even seasoned aquarists will appreciate the incredible and unique design of this elegant aquarium. The container is futuristically designed with a glass top that allows it to be filled to the brim with water. The Edge aquarium looks like a 3D cube and allows the viewer to see his beautiful fish from all angles without having to look through ugly power cables or other equipment.

The tank loses less water by evaporation due to the top of the glass. However, the Aqueon MiniBow with LED Lighting is still designed to allow oxygen exchange, which is essential for fish survival. The tank contains a halogen light coupled with a unique hinged device to make it fully retractable. This feature comes in handy when you want to clean the tank, as you can remove the light.

This aquarium is extremely easy to install and maintain, so anyone can handle it. I recommend you to use it. The product has a dimension of 5 x 2 x 4 inches.


  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Retractable halogen light.
  • Removable filter.


  • Inadequate room for heater.

5. MarineLand Escape 5 Aquarium Kit

MarineLand Escape 5 Aquarium KitMarineLand 5 aquarium kit offers many benefits to those who maintain them. Some include the satisfaction of creating a beautiful ocean ecosystem with sheets of glass or acrylic.

Another critical role played by the marine aquarium is its ability to release stress and pressures from everyday life. What’s better than watching the waves and currents flow inside your small coral reef or aquarium?

In addition to its undeniable beauty, the marine aquarium is also very informative. This is one of the best ways to teach children and adults the incredible partnerships and friendships that exist among coral reef dwellers. It teaches them to respect the coral reef and to make it aware of the risks of negligence or abuse of the coral reef.

The most necessary equipment for the new marine aquarium is the tank itself. It is essential to choose your tank with care and wisdom. Factors such as construction, size, and shape of the container will affect the number of organisms you can keep in it.

The tanks must not contain toxic chemicals. Try not to buy old aquariums covered with metal. Saltwater splashes the metal and causes a chemical reaction that rust and corrode the metal quickly, releasing toxic substances into the water.

The MarineLand Escape 5 Aquarium kit has a dimension of 14 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches.


  • Starting a marine aquarium can be simple, inexpensive, and exciting.
  • Relatively reliable and economical.
  • You can usually do without it, and they can reduce the time you spend maintaining the aquarium, which is one of the best reasons to have an aquarium.


  • No water conditioner included.
  • You have to buy a heater separately.

6. GloFish 5-Gallon Fish Tank

GloFish 5-Gallon Fish TankWith a dimension of 18 x 12 x 10 inches, the GloFish 5-gallon fish tank is an excellent aquarium. This starter aquarium can be purchased with the filters and lights provided, which ensures that each of these devices is the proper size to handle the volume of a tank.

Some fish and plants are easier to maintain than others, so consider this when planning the installation of your aquarium. A good rule of thumb when it comes to the size of aquariums is: the bigger, the better. The healthiest fish are those who have enough space to swim and enough hiding places to keep them comfortable.

With so much control in the use of the blue LED aquarium lamps this GloFish 5-gallon Fish Tank has, you will find that you can grow almost anything and everything inside is going to prosper. For example, if only part of the life in the tank needs a little more help for growth and health, you can focus on that particular area.

This blue LED aquarium lighting provides healthy and colorful plants and increased growth. Corals develop differently with different types of lighting. When using these LEDs, corals grow quickly and some species become compact and spread over the flat area rather than standing up.

It has a dimension of 18 x 12 x 10 inches.


  • Filters and LED light pre-installed.


  • Heater is not included with the tank.
  • Appropriate for Glofish only.

7. Aqua Culture Aquarium 5-Gallon Fish Tank

Aqua Culture Aquarium 5-Gallon Fish TankThis is a fast evolving 5-gallon fish tank, as it is expanding its popularity with its Aqua Culture Aquarium 5-gallon aquarium.

The 5-gallon aquarium can be transformed into a complete marine aquarium, thanks to the company’s largest biological filtration system. The aquaculture tank is made of strong glass and acrylic. The tank is supplied with internal filter, an air pump and a halogen lighting system.

In addition, the LED aquarium lamps feature has several advantages. The LED lamps work at very low power, so this type of lighting is very economical and can reduce your monthly electricity bill. Despite low energy consumption and energy efficiency, LED lamps still produce bright lighting, like other types of aquarium lighting.

These LED lamps also produce powerful lighting with a low amount of heat released as compared to other types of lighting because they are equipped with fans and heat sinks to reduce heat dispersion in the aquarium.


  • Low energy consumption.
  • Bright LED lightning.


  • Users have complained of leaks after a few months usage.

8. Aqueon Jukebox LED 5-Gallon Fish Tank

Aqueon Jukebox LED 5-Gallon Fish TankIf you are a music lover, this might just be the best 5 gallon fish tank for you. The Aqueon Jukebox LED 5-gallon fish tank comes equipped with free-standing speakers by its side. So, you can listen to music while you watch your fish swim around freely.

You can’t talk about this aquarium tank and not mention its sleek design, equipped with LED lights. It measures at a dimension of 9.2 x 9.5 x 17 inches


  • Sleek design.
  • Equipped with LED-lighting.
  • Sound system included.


  • No heater included. You’ll have to buy that separately, if you want to breed tropical fish.

9. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium KitManufacturers of these tanks say that they are 17 times stronger than glass and weighs 50% less. They are a popular brand among aquarists, mainly for the positive opinions of their customers. Their 5-gallon aquarium is known for its durability.

These kits are less likely to break than a glass aquarium, but they are much more prone to scratching and are usually scratched when shipped! However, acrylic aquariums refract light better than glass, giving you a less distorted view of the inside of your aquarium.

The Tetra Crescent acrylic aquarium kit comes with LED lighting, a filter, a lid, and an LED base. It has a modern structure with a curved front that gives you a good view of the fish.

You will need a dimensional space of 16.6 x 11.2 x 13.2 inches for this water glass.


  • Enough room for a heater.
  • Comes with instructions for easy setup.
  • Biological aquarium starter and water conditioner added.


  • Bulky filter.
  • Feeding hole too large; can cause easy escape for jumpy fish.
  • Aquarium cover doesn’t fit very well.
  • You have to buy your own heater.
  • Acrylic tends to turn yellow over time, especially when exposed to light.

10. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

Fluval Spec V Aquarium KitThis may be just for you if you are looking for a more elegant aquarium glass as it comes in black and white.
The lighting system has a 37-color LED that lets you guess the power of lighting.

It has an engraved glass body with aluminum finish and a three-stage filtration equipped with all necessary filter media.


  • Bright LED lights.
  • 3-stage filtration system.
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Narrow and unique design


  • Difficulty in cleaning due to its narrow design.
  • Very powerful filter which might not be suitable for smaller fish.

Best Fish For A 5-Gallon Fish Tank

The type, size, and a number of fish you plan to buy may affect the survival rate of the fish you place in your aquarium. Never join Cichlids and Catfish because the first is very territorial, but you can mix the black grouse with the Danios. Regarding the number of species, it is recommended to place only five different species in a 5-gallon tank.

You have to remember two things: first, wait about two weeks before placing the fish in the aquarium, and secondly, never put them all at the same time. This can trigger unwanted water fights. Not all fish can have a 5-liter tank as habitat. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fish that fit your 5-liter aquarium.

1. Betta Fish

Bettas are the favorite of fish farmers around the world. They are also known as Siamese fighting fish. This name can be attributed to its variety of colors, fin shapes, and small size. Most Betta aquariums have a form of decoration, whether it is a single plant, decorative gravel or a small cave. The more creative you are with your aquarium, the happier your Betta will be.

Many new owners of Betta use a vase to hold the fish. They enjoy a calm aquarium environment with frozen plants and neighbors, even if they can manage without tank mates. Bettas have a lot of appetite, but be careful to not overdo it.

The tank is big enough for Betta to swim, explore, and not be crowded in a very small space. A comfortably sized aquarium is always the best option for a happy Betta fish.

2. Less Killifish

This breed of fish requires a lot of plant life with a gentle filtration to keep the flow of water at a low level. Olive-colored, with a dark band running through the body, they must be fed with plant material, as well as animal sources such as brine shrimp, to help them stay healthy and able to color.

At least two killifish is a suitable number for a 5-gallon tank, but you can exceed this number depending on the shape of the tank.

3. Dwarf Globe Fish

This is another breed of fish that will fit into a 5-gallon tank. They do not grow more than one inch in size, hence its name. They are a perfect fit for this kind of relatively small 5-gallon fish tank.

Also, the color of the dwarf puffers varies according to mood, from green to brown with darker spots. Neither are they the friendliest neighbors, as they tend to pinch and chase their tank mates.

4. White Cloud Mountain Minnows

With a lifespan of up to 5 years, they are typically small species with cute color pattern. They are quite serene and cohabit well with other small calm fish.

If you are housing both sexes of this species, you should always remember to close the aquarium cover as the male are known to chase the female with such enthusiasm that they jump out of the tank.

How To Set Up A 5 Gallon Fish Tank

  • Add five gallon of water in a container and leave it to rest for a day or two
  • Add substrate (either sand or gravel) and decorations to your 5-gallon tank
  • Pour half of the water you had initially left to rest into the tank
  • Install the filter, air pump, and heater
  • Place your live plant in a proper arrangement
  • Add several drops of water conditioner
  • Leave the tank to cycle for at least two weeks
  • After at least two weeks, you can now add the fish.

How To Clean A 5 Gallon Aquarium

When you start building your aquarium, you can easily fall prey to unscrupulous store owners who want to unload damaged or sick fish to innocent buyers. If it took you awhile to educate yourself, avoid these pitfalls. A sick fish can cause an infection to everyone in your aquarium, so it’s best to buy it from trusted and respected suppliers. Take a look at the store before making a purchase to see if the fish is well taken care of.

The cleaning of the 5-gallon aquarium is obligatory from time to time. Aquariums usually get covered with algae, which creates a harmful environment for fish. Cleaning only takes a little time and effort. The cleanliness of the store will give you an idea of the frequency of cleaning aquariums, etc.

Here are the procedures to follow if you wish to store your 5-gallon aquarium.

1. Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Before starting the cleaning process, you must prepare the cleaning supplies to make sure everything you need is available. These cleaning products can be easily obtained at a nearby store. You will need cleaning products such as:

  • Water conditioner
  • A vinegar solution
  • Paper towels
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Fishnet
  • A large bucket or container
  • Unplug the aquarium

After collecting all your cleaning supplies, you must then disconnect the 5-liter tank from the power supply.

2. Remove All Removable Filters Such As Decorative Pieces, Etc. Of The Tank

Before you start cleaning or cleaning, you must first remove all removable parts from the aquarium. Remove the fish too.

3. Remove From The water

Every week, you must change 10 to 20% of the water in your 5-liter aquarium. You do not have to replace all the water in the aquarium at the same time. Fish need a number of bacteria to work well, and leaving behind water in the aquarium can help. You can do this by digging or using the void.

4. Get Rid Of Algae On The Side Of The Cup

Once you have water, you will need a sponge, without soap, and scrub to remove algae stuck to the edge of the glass. For stubborn marks, a plastic blade or a razor will do the trick.

5. Clean The Decorative Pieces And Filter

Take the brush (preferably a toothbrush) and clean the decorative elements of your aquarium. Also, wash the filter, but not too hard, to leave some bacteria left for the well-being of the fish.

6. Restore The Eliminated Water

After all the cleaning is done, replace the previously removed water. Avoid overfilling the tank and replace it with water at the proper temperature.

Tips For Maintaining Your Tank

Do not get played by the size of your fish tanks. Just like any other aquarium, you must always keep it to keep your fish alive. While considering cleaning your tank, here are a few tips to keep you on track.

  • Filtration System – Generally, there is a filter in tanks. These filters are responsible for maintaining clean and safe water for your fish. Knowing that you have a relatively small aquarium that quickly collects toxic waste, it is essential that the filtration system works properly.
  • Decorations – Although your 5-gallon aquarium is small and the decorative stones/sand/ gravel it contains are not excessive, you still need to remove and clean them regularly. These also accumulate dirt.
  • Lighting – Lighting is also important for the survival of your fish. Make sure you have a stable and fully functional lighting system.

What’s Good About 5-gallon Tank?

  • Super look, elegant design
  • The complete aquarium kit contains everything you need to prepare your aquarium for your fish.
  • The 5 Gallon fish tank manual contains frequently asked questions, instructions, and recommendations of fish
  • Customization with hoods of different colors
  • The maintenance kit filter system is easy to change and clean
  • The size of a 5-gallon (19 liters) fish tank is larger than some fish bowls, while it is small enough to fit most furniture.
  • The versatility of use with cold water, freshwater or seawater configuration functions
  • Filtration makes maintenance easier compared to many equivalent tanks

Cons Of 5-gallon Tank

  • You will pay a premium for quality and design.
  • Limit the size of the aquarium Number and size of the fish
  • The visible area of the aquarium is smaller than a conventional rectangular aquarium because of the curvature of the shape of the sphere.
  • Sometimes water splashes into the feed hole at the top of the tank


The 5 Gallon fish Tank is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced homeowners. With its versatility, excellent filtration system, clean and attractive design, and small size, the 5 Gallon does a great job of balancing form and function.

Owning a 5-gallon tank is a good way to start raising fish. It may be a small effort, but if you are really sure to have aquatic animals at home, this is certainly one of the best investments in which you can invest. The 5-gallon fish tank is highly recommended.