Best Floating Aquarium Plants 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. G’z 6 Water Wisteria 2. 12 Water Spangles 3. Hornwort Bunch


If you own a tank and looking for the best floating aquarium plants, then you are probably in the right place. We have been curating a list for a very long time on the best floating plants that would be the best in every aspect and came up with ten well-rated equipments. It surely wasn’t a very easy task since there are like hundreds of such plants.

But don’t worry, all the plants are well-reviewed before we get it on for you on the list. So, make sure you read out everything very carefully before choosing one for your aquarium, as it depends on the kind of fish you own and the type of aquarium environment you have set up.

In this article, we have reviewed 10 Best floating aquarium plants and everything you need to know about them and then you can decide on your own which one you would like to go with.

Factors To Consider While Looking For Best Floating Aquarium Plants

1. Size Of The Aquarium

The most important factor has to be the size of the aquarium. If you have a tank that has less than 40 gallons of capacity, then you should go for smaller plants. The tanks which are bigger than that can accommodate big plants and thrive well. So, make sure you take into consideration of the tank capacity.

Similarly, you will have to set up the tank along with filters and plants making sure the fish have enough space to move about especially when we talk about Betta fish. They certainly like a good amount of space and wouldn’t like it if you fill-up the entire tank with different plant species.

2. Type Of Fish

So, yet another important thing is the type of fish you own. It could be anything, and each one of them has different kinds of the ecosystem that they can best live in. Hence, it depends on the type of plants you choose for them.

If you have small fish like Betta, they surely do need good enough space but would love plants with roots so that they can reproduce well. Also, you can get duckweeds or similar plants that can help neutralize the nitrates present in your tank or any other chemical.

3. Growth Of The Plants

Some plants tend to grow very quickly over time, and you wouldn’t want that to happen under such circumstances. So, make sure you pick the right plants depending on the size of your tank. Though growing plants could be very beneficial, then you will have to maintain it yourself to make sure it doesn’t crowd up the entire tank.

4. Lighting

This is yet another important factor that needs consideration. If the floating plants have a good growth rate, then they may block the light coming to the tank, which may not be suitable for the fish dwelling at the bottom or other plants.

You need to make sure that ample light reaches the entire tank. There are some plants that need special light which you may have to buy separately so that they grow in the best manner. Some of the plants require low light to thrive. Good research is needed in such cases to understand the requirements of the plants so that you can imply accordingly.

5. Maintenance

Every plant would need maintenance, just like everything else. But considering the growth rate of the specific plants, some of the species need to be frequently checked to keep them alive. Well, it is not appropriate for anyone to invest the time entirely to this.

So, you will have to choose an option that requires the least maintenance but gives the best result. You can go for plants with a moderate growth rate so that they can thrive without frequently checking upon.

Top 10 Best Floating Aquarium Plants 2022

1. G’z 6 Water Wisteria

G’z 6 Best Floating Aquarium PlantsWater Wisteria popularly known by the scientific name Hygrophila Difformis is an unusually shaped Aquarium plant that helps to keep the water clean. This plant could be a good option for small fish such as Betta considering the size (3-5 inches) of this plant.

It is a stem plant that means it has no roots initially. Moreover, you would need a substrate to plant it in your tank and would start growing roots within a week or two. The package comes with a bunch of this plant which has 6 stems in total. This is great since they thrive well when planted in a bunch.

These plants require medium-light to grow under the water but make sure the light is reaching adequately and not too little. It will surely be protecting your fish by giving them pure water. You can also use the plant to control the excess nutrients in the water and also to prevent the growth of algae. Another point worth mentioning would be this is a fast-growing plant so you will need to keep a check on it so that it does not cover up the tank.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Fast-growing
  • Maintains a healthy ecosystem
  • Grows better in good light
  • Low priced and affordable


  • Needs timely maintenance since it grows fast
  • Might have snails

2. 12 Water Spangles (Salvinia Minima)

12 Water Spangles (Salvinia Minima)Water Spangles as known by the scientific name Salvinia Minima is a freshwater floating aquatic plant. Each package comes with 12 of these plants that have 6 leaves each on them. Since these are floating plants, they do not require any substrate.

If you have Betta fish, this may work out the best, as the plants to cover up the tank and do not allow a lot of light to pass through. And Betta fish aren’t a big fan of sunlight.

Apart from this, these plants thrive perfectly well in any kind of water they are put into. The leaves and the roots grow faster which is great because the fish loves it that way.

The water spangles can thrive in aquariums, tanks, ponds, etc. meaning you can use it for small as well as big tanks. You can go for as small as 5-gallon tank and anything beyond that. Since anything less than 5 gallons wouldn’t be an ideal option overall. Considering the good growth rate of these plants, you wouldn’t want to fill the tank up with loads of plants with the least space for the fish to live.

If you have a big fish, this might not be the best option because they can eat up the plants; Similarly, they would flourish pretty well with small frogs and other small fish. They look visually very stunning; moreover, they would protect the water from any unwanted growth of algae which is great.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for small fish
  • Small-sized and thriving
  • Prevents growth of algae
  • Does not require the substrate


  • Plants could die due to long shipping hours
  • Needs special aquarium lights to survive

3. Hornwort Bunch (Ceratophyllum Demersum)

Hornwort Bunch (Ceratophyllum Demersum)The Hornwort Bunch goes by the scientific name Ceratophyllum Demersum is an easy living plant species perfectly suitable for freshwater aquariums. These plants can grow both on substrate and float on water.

Considering the growth of this plant, you may have to keep in check since within days it will be fully grown and reach on the surface of the water which you may want to trim off from time to time.

The package contains 1 bunch of Hornwort that contains about 5+ stems. It may seem a bit brown on arrival, but once you set up inside your tank, it will be dark greenish and looks stunning.

I would recommend using these plants for 10+ gallon tanks since they grow well. Also, Betta and other small fish would love the entire ecosystem since they would get enough space to rest and hide from the lighting likewise.

These plants also oxygenate the water and maintain a healthy environment. Hornworts respond to temperature change, so it is better to not order these plants during extreme winters or summers.


  • Suitable for both substrate and floating
  • Perfect for small fishes
  • Good for oxygenating water
  • Thrives well in Freshwater Aquariums
  • Fast growth rate


  • Poor Packaging

4. Red Root Floater (Phyllanthus Fluitans)

Red Root Floater (Phyllanthus Fluitans)The Red Root Floater known by the scientific name Phyllanthus fluitans is one of the best floating aquarium plants for beginners. These plants are known as Red Root Floaters since the leaves tend to change color from green to red under strong lighting conditions.

These are freshwater plants that float on water and do not require any substrate to grow. The package that you will receive contains 6 Red root floaters.

This plant can thrive at a temp of 21-30 degrees celsius, and you may have to maintain this temp or the plants may die. It may grow fast only under proper conditions, due to which you may have to keep removing some part of it to stop it from any crowding.

Your fish are going to love this and also the small beautiful flowers that grow on the top of the water are visually stunning and beautiful. Only a certain thing that may be a problem is that you need to put up special lightning for these plants, which may increase the cost overall.

Otherwise, they have great customer service, and the cost is very less if you do not have a lot to spend on a bunch of plants. Another thing that you need to take care of is, these plants cannot bear strong water currents and water movement.


  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to set up
  • Requires no substrate
  • Yields beautiful flowers
  • Low priced


  • Need special lights to thrive
  • Worms issue

5. Dwarf Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes)

Dwarf Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes)The Dwarf Water Lettuces are floating freshwater plants that do not require any substrate or CO2 supplementation. It can thrive well enough on the surface of the water. The only thing that needs to take care of for any plant would be providing them with the right conditions.

It is a well-known thing that buying plants online could be a little risky since it is a risk of the package moving about for a long time which may kill the plants on the way. But, overall, the plants that arrived with the package turned out to be excellent. They do grow faster in the proper amount of light and works best for small fish.

Also, these plants are excellent at removing any unwanted and unhealthy inorganic nutrients. This would ensure a healthy ecosystem for any fish that you put inside the tank. Moreover, they would increase the oxygen content in the water, also making sure they can lessen the amount of light that enters the tank. Betta fish do not like a lot of light and like to keep to themselves.

The entire cost also seems very reasonable and affordable, especially if you are a beginner. So, you can totally go for it, ignoring any other consequences that accompany it.


  • Does not require any substrate
  • Affordable
  • Great packaging
  • Removes inorganic nutrients
  • Keeps the water oxygenated


  • Needs special lights to grow
  • Poor customer service

6. SoShrimp Java Moss Live Aquarium Plant

SoShrimp Java Moss Live Aquarium PlantThe Java Moss Aquarium plant is something you wouldn’t want to miss. This is the perfect option for freshwater aquariums. The delivery is super-fast, considering the type of plants you’re buying.

The package comes with a 3×3 pack which would be enough for a 10-gallon tank. They do grow at a pretty good rate which means you may not need extra plants to purchase for it. Once they are put to good condition, it may fill up the tank giving a good ecosystem to the fish and other creatures. Moreover, these plants keep the water clean and healthy.

The Java Moss plants can grow both in high and low light. The low light would give a rather darker color to the plants whereas high lighting gives a denser look. But the problem with high light could result in more growth of algae which surely you wouldn’t like to go for. An additional feature about this plant would be that it is compatible with almost all kinds of species of fish you feel like putting in with.

The ideal tank conditions include good water current, soft acid water, and temperatures between 21-24oC. Considering the cost of this plant, it may not be the very best for beginners, but if you are okay with spending a little more, it can work for good overall.


  • Best suited for shrimps
  • Keeps the water clean and healthy
  • Good growth rate
  • Lush and green plants
  • Needs substrate to grow


  • A little costly as compared to other plants
  • Moss received weren’t enough as promised

7. Cabomba Caroliniana

Cabomba CarolinianaThis plant is currently one of the most popular in this category. It surely cannot thrive well in extremes of temperatures. Such as it is advisable to not order the plant when the temp goes below 20F and during summers above 100F. This will assure the plants to arrive in good condition in the package.

This is a perfect option for freshwater aquariums and for all different kinds of species of fish that you would like to out in the tank. But, this is a great option for 5+ gallon tanks and small fish species like Betta. The Cabomba has feathery green leaves divided into narrow segments. Talking about the growth, it has an amazing growth rate that makes it a beautiful planted aquarium.

The plants grow well in a very neutral temp with moderate lighting i.e. 2 watts per gallon of full-spectrum. It surely is going to have good growth but trimming too frequently might destroy the plant. Also, this could be a little more than what you may have seen with other plants but if you are okay to put some extra bucks, you should go for it.


  • Perfect for 5+ gallon aquarium
  • Good growth rate
  • Provides good resting place for small fish
  • Makes the aquarium looks beautiful


  • Could be a little too much priced
  • Needs special lights to grow

8. SoShrimp 20+ Plants Amazon Frogbits

SoShrimp 20+ Plants Amazon FrogbitsThis plant could be a great addition to your freshwater aquarium. They are not dependent on the substrate to the grown meaning they are floating plants and remain on the surface of the water with small roots beneath them. The package provides with around 20+ of these plants being guaranteed as 100% fresh and leafy.

Since this plant has a good growth rate, the bunch of these plants could be a good fit for a large tank with 10+ gallon capacity. Moreover, you can grow this plant without any added CO2 or fertilizer. Not only this, it can help to remove any nitrates from the water keeping the water healthy for the fish.

You can use this for smaller tanks too, making sure to keep in check of the excess plants that may crowd it in the long run and removing it before it hinders any activity for the fish. Most probably, it will be better to have small fishes in the tank since larger fish may eat up the roots inside the water. So, precautions are necessary for the long run.

These plants are smaller, meaning they might not be able to thrive well with high water current or too much water movement. So, you might have to keep the filter flow rate in check at all times. The price also isn’t a lot making it even a greater option overall.


  • Good for small and large tanks
  • Does not need substrates, CO2 and Fertilizers to grow
  • Reduces any excess nitrates in the water
  • Keeps the oxygen level in balance
  • Has a good growth rate


  • Possible issue of being infected with snails
  • Does require constant care

9. G’z Aquarium Floating Plants Package

G’z Aquarium Floating Plants PackageIf you aren’t too sure which plant to go for then you can surely opt for a package that contains multiple types of plants at a low cost. This package contains 12 dwarf water lettuce, 12 Amazon frogbit, and 12 Water spangles. These combined together could be the best deal you can take considering they are all remarkable.

These plants could be difficult to ship to far off places as they could get rot in extremes of temperature. The seller may cancel the order if your location has temp below 35 and above 85. The plants can grow well in a moderate temp; and should never be kept outside. All the plants individually have a good growth rate, so it is better not to put all the plants in a small tank.

Instead, if you have a big one of about 40+ gallon capacity then it might fill the aquarium with beautiful looking plants. If you have a moderate-sized fish such as goldfish then they might love the entire setting. Though such fish may eat up the frogbit but it will grow back sooner.

Since it comes in a package; So it is a bit high priced, but a great option since you are getting multiple choices and you can choose whichever one to go for.


  • Works in moderate temperature
  • Have a good growth rate
  • Great for small and moderate size fish
  • Removes excess nitrates from water
  • Good for smaller and big tanks too


  • Snail Infections
  • Little higher priced

10. Aquatic Discounts 2 Large Water Lettuce

Aquatic Discounts 2 Large Water LettuceThese large water lettuce by Aquatic Discounts are a bunch of beautiful floating plants that you can grow in your tank or even a pond. It has multiple benefits that provide a healthy environment for the fish and other aquatic creatures that you wish to bring to your aquarium.

Live plants not only creates a good balance of oxygen level in the water but also provides the necessary nutrients for the fish. If you have small fish they would love the entire setup of the floating plants.

Whereas these plants can serve as food for the big fish. If you are looking for a natural process to provide chemical and biological filtration these plants could serve as a huge factor in the process.

Not only this, the waste that is created by the fish or even the food waste, these large water lettuce can help keep the water clear from any such kind of inorganic substances. You must be well aware of the algae problem that frequently occurs due to standing water and low light in the tank, in this case, such plants could help to remove algae from the water naturally and control any growth of it further.

All these factors related to the lettuce serves as a huge factor making these one of the best floating aquatic plants available. The cost would be little more than what you generally pay for plants. But it is absolutely worth it.


  • Beneficial for ponds, tanks, bowls, etc
  • Increases oxygen level in the water
  • Keeps the water algae free and removes waste
  • Provides a stunning view to the tank
  • Keeps the ecosystem healthy and thriving


  • Poor delivery service

Best Floating Aquarium Plants: What’s Your Pick?

Well, you have now the 10 Best Floating aquarium plants to choose from. These are one of the highest-rated ones by the consumers and are loved by every user you have put them up in their tanks. It might be possible that there are issues with the package with the plants. So a major factor needs to be taken into consideration regarding the kind of temperature the plants can survive in.

You need to be careful before you order. Make sure the temperature is moderate in the area you are getting your product delivered. Plants tend to die if they are packed up for a very long time without water and light. So if the package is delayed under any circumstances, you may receive totally dead plants. If you have good luck then the seller might replace them as well.

Adding floating plants will not only protect your fish tanks naturally but create a better ecosystem all the way for the fish. Also, if you have any difficulty deciding which one to go for, let us know so that we can help you select on depending on the kind of tank you have and the fish you have bought for it.