How big is the aquarium?
          Please read the Aquarium Specification page

What is the volume of the Aquarium?
          Please read the Aquarium Specification page

How do you clean the aquarium?
          The aquarium is cleaned like any other regular shaped aquarium. All tools required are
          included in the kit.

How often do you have to clean the aquarium?
          A downloadable guide outlining fishkeeping details is available here

How do you remove algae from the inner surfaces?
          We strongly recommend the purchase of algae eating fish (such as Ancistrus)

Do the algae eating fish really work?
          We haven't cleaned the inner surfaces of our test aquarium in over two years.

Is the use of Reverse Osmosis water necessary?
          This is not necessary for a fully functioning aquarium, if you have better success with
          certain fish using RO water then go ahead.

Is there a particular fish suited to the aquarium?
          The aquarium is suitable for all fishes that do not outgrow the tank. We have particular
          success with Pterophyllum.

How complex is the fishkeeping hobby?
          Fishkeeping is not a complex hobby however there are clear dos and donts. Read our
          fishkeeping guide here

Will the aquarium work with marine (saltwater) fish?
          The aquarium can be adapted to work with marine fish (by changing filtration parts) we
          do however recommend only experienced aquarists undertake a marine conversion
          - please contact us if you require a kit for marine use.

Is installing the aquarium a difficult process?
          The aquarium installation is as simple as assembling a piece of furniture. Please read our
          downloadable guides here

Which filtration system is used?
          Eheim external canister filters are used.

What do I need to add to the aquarium kit to complete an installation?
          Gravel, Water and.......Fish!

What guarantee is included with the purchase of the Silverfish Aquarium?
          The aquarium comes with a standard 2 year parts guarantee. This covers all parts
          except for consumable items.

What does EXW mean?
          EXW is an international sales term. Ex Works means the price of goods available at our
          workshops i.e. No shipping included.

Do I have to pay VAT?
          You are exempt from VAT payment if you are a company based outside of France but
          within the European Union (with a valid VAT number). All individuals and companies
          outside of the European Union are exempt.

Do I have to purchase the stand?
          No please view our ordering page

What is the shipping cost?
          The cost obviously varies according to location/ease of delivery/distance for major
          transport hub. As a guide:
                    USA : around 1000€
                    Australia: around 1200€
                    Eastern Europe: around 600€
                    Europe: around 400€
          An accurate shipping quote is requested for each order and this is invoiced at cost.

Does the shipping include insurance?

I wish to arrange my own shipping requirements. What is the size/volume of the shipped packaging per aquarium?
          All dimension width x depth x height cm/Kg
          PK01 - 70x50.5x51.5 (20.6Kg); PK02 - 51x70.5x13.5 (21.6Kg);
          PK03 - 122x113.5x5.5 (24.7Kg); PK04 - 118.5x116x60 (16.8Kg);
          PK05 - 96x138x59.5cm (16Kg)
          Total Volume 1.9m3 (99.7Kg)

We are not from France will the electrical equipment delivered to us work?
          We can supply the kit with plugs/voltage correct equipment for France, United Kingdom
          and USA. If you require different electrical connections an adaptor plug will usually work,
          or we can quote you the kit without electrical parts. For certain parts of the world that
          use American style equipment (outside of the US) there will be a small additional delivery
          charge due to shipping from the States.