The Silverfish Aquarium is a complete tropical aquarium system- it includes all the parts required for a fully functioning showpiece aquarium.

Specifically this includes:

              The Aquarium Structure

              The Aquarium Stand

              Filtration & Heating Parts
                          Eheim Professional2 external filter & filterset media
                          Hydor external heater
                          Filter tubing
                          Inlet strainer
                          All taps/clips/suckers required for assembly

              Lighting Parts
                          Light controllers x3
                          Circular fluorescent daylight lamps x3
                          Lighting covers x3

              Aeration Parts
                          Eheim 400 air pump
                          Air line
                          Air stones x3
                          All taps/clips/suckers required for assembly

                          Highest quality silk plants

              Cleaning Equipment
                          Gravel vacuum
                          Magnetic surface cleaner
                          Siphon tubing and taps
                          Filter tubing brush

              Assembly and set-up instructions

              Maintenance instructions

Not included with the Silverfish Aquarium:

              Gravel and Fish

Please note that Octopus Studios reserves the right to add, remove or modify any items included in the kit.